The Directors League combines MovieMuse review scores of films to provide an overall rating (averaged from the individual films)*. Only directors who have at least three film reviews on MovieMuse will be included. Where a score is tied, the Director with most films reviewed will be placed higher.


Directors League Teable

PositionDirectorFilms ReviewedBest FilmWorst FilmOverall Rating (out of 5)
1Spike Jonze4Her (5.0)Adaptation (4.0)4.2
2Edgar Wright5Hot Fuzz (4.5)The World's End (3.5)4
2Neill Blomkamp4District 9 (4.5)Elysium (3.5)4
4Nicolas Winding Refn5Drive (5.0)Pusher II (2.5)3.8
5Wes Anderson6Grand Budapest Hotel (4.5)Rushmore (2.5)3.5
6Ben Wheatley8Sightseers (4)High Rise (2.5)3.4
7John Carpenter12Halloween (5.0)Ghosts of Mars (1.5)3.3
8David Cronenberg5Maps to the Stars (4.0)Cosmopolis (2.0)3.3

*The scores for any given director may change over time as new reviews for their films are added and therefore their position on the league table could go up or down.