The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

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Tomorrowland 2015 Adventure, SciFi The influence of classic 50s Sci-Fi is welcome and the premise is quite dark for a Disney offering, but while the acting and effects are good, the film spends so long setting up the tale that it runs out of steam before it gets going properly. 3.5
What Happened to Monday 2017 Action, SciFi, Thriller Like many Netflix offerings the premise is better than the delivery, but this is a reasonable dystopian thriller with some good action scenes. Noomi Rapace overacts at times but is good value playing seven different roles, while Glenn Close is just awful! 3
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Extended) 2003 Action, Adventure, Fantasy The epic conclusion to the story is fleshed out even more in this edition, and while it definitely has a few too many endings, the additional scenes add more depth, relevance and emotional value to an already fantastic movie. 4.5
Zodiac 2007 Crime, Thriller An intriguing, sometimes gripping, often frustrating true crime tale with some great acting performances and brilliant 70s-style production design. It would be all the better were it not so excruciatingly long! 3.5
The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 Action, Thriller Story-wise there's not a lot happening in the final part of the original Bourne trilogy, but the action is non-stop from beginning to end in a film that is both gripping and exhausting to watch. 3.5
The Wind That Shakes The Barley 2006 Drama, Period, War Cillian Murphy is great as a member of the Irish Republican Army fighting for freedom from British rule. With echoes of Land and Freedom, the dialogue is even more gripping than the action. 4
Green Lantern 2011 Action, Adventure, SciFi Basing a film on the worst superhero in fandom is a bad start. The poor script, bad acting and terrible CG effects just exacerbate the film's problems. 2.5
Black Jack 1979 Adventure, Drama Despite being ostensibly a children's tale about a young boy in the 1700s who meets an unusually big and strong French man and a runaway girl from an institution, it bears all the social and political hallmarks of a Ken Loach film. Low budget, big heart. 3
Another Sunday and Sweet F.A. 1972 Comedy, Drama, Sport Jack Rosenthal's play about a jobsworth referee, a bitter groundsman, disaffected players and a handful of bored fans at a Sunday league football match. Funny throughout, but it is the wonderful end that makes it endure. 4
Looks and Smiles 1981 Drama Loach takes another swipe at Thatcher's Britain and the hopelessness of youth. Based on the novel by Kes author Barry Hines, it is a great window into early 80s life though doesn't quite grip you . 3.5
Family Life 1971 Drama Overbearing parents and a forced abortion push a fragile girl to the edge. in a portrait of mental health in the 1970s. Ken Loach has crafted a drama that is far more terrifying than any horror film the period had to offer. 5
Land and Freedom 1995 Drama, War A superb look at the Spanish socialist uprising of 1936, as an Englishman joins an international militia in its fight against Franco's fascists. Perfectly captures the pain of war and why the good guys don't always win. 4.5
Carla's Song 1996 Drama, Romance When a Scottish bus driver falls for a Nicaraguan woman, he travels to her homeland to help her find her family. Out of his depth, he finds the true horror of war but also the warmth and generosity of the Nicaraguan people. 3.5
Fatherland 1986 Drama, Foreign Language Despite Loach saying this was 'a mess of a film', the tale of a protest singer exiled from East Germany and his experience of the West is both intriguing and interesting whilst engaging debates on capitalism, socialism and history. 4
Tickets 2005 Comedy, Drama Interconnected stories from three acclaimed directors showcase passengers on a train. An ageing professor in love with a colleague, a bullied ex-soldier and three Celtic fans on their way to a game. The third segment from Ken Loach is by far the best. 3.5
Route Irish 2010 Drama, Thriller After his best friend is killed in Iraq, a man searches for answers to what really happened. A fantastic look at private security contractors and the life they sign up for, both abroad and at home. 4
Bread and Roses 2000 Drama Loach and Laverty take their social commentary to LA with moderate success. The plight of low paid and mainly immigrant cleaners fight for the right to unionise is compelling, but the screenplay is lacking until its conclusion. 3
Ae Fond Kiss 2004 Drama, Romance A heartfelt tale of a Glaswegian Muslim man and an Irish Catholic woman who must upset their families and their faiths when they fall in love. Ahmad Riaz is great as the gentle but traditional patriarch. 4
Hidden Agenda 1990 Drama, Thriller When a human rights activist is killed in Northern Ireland, the senior policeman leading the investigation stumbles on a bigger story about illegal interference in the UK election. An intriguing if not entirely thrilling conspiracy drama. 3.5
Ladybird Ladybird 1994 Drama This tale of a mother looking for redemption after her children are taken into care is possibly the most harrowing film I have ever seen. With amazing performances including a very scary Ray Winstone, this is a wonderful though quite depressing film. 4.5
Jimmy's Hall 2014 Biopic, Drama, Period After 10 years of exile in America, Jimmy Gralton returns to Ireland and must once again fight the 'masters and the pastors' to protect the rights of ordinary poor Irishmen. Typically heartfelt and beautifully staged and shot. 4
The Angel's Share 2012 Comedy, Drama It is unusual to call a Ken Loach movie 'feel-good', but that is exactly what this is as a group of youths on community service hatch a plot to steal some very expensive whiskey. It still has the grit and squalor, but smothered in humour and fun. 4
It's a Free World... 2007 Drama In one of Paul Laverty's best screenplays, a single mother starts her own recruitment agency after being fired, but soon starts to abuse the migrant workers to stay ahead. 4.5
The Navigators 2001 Comedy, Drama Five Yorkshire rail-workers try to keep their head above water following the collapse of Railtrack and subsequent split into various private enterprises. Another funny and though provoking film that highlights the plight of many in the industry. 4
Raining Stones 1993 Comedy, Drama Bruce Jones gives a career best performance as an unemployed man desperate to find the money for his daughter's holy communion dress. Ricky Tomlinson is once again great in a supporting role as Ken Loach continues his exploration of British poverty. 4