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Big 1988 Comedy, Fantasy Hanks is perfect at portraying the wish-fulfilment of a child with an adult’s resources juxtaposed with the loneliness of a child trapped in an adult’s body, and this is surely the reason he was targeted for more serious roles after this great film. 4
National Lampoon's Vacation 1983 Comedy Many comedies from this era have aged badly due to jokes that are now considered insensitive, but Vacation still works thanks to the mostly-innocent humour and remains relevant to anyone that has ever been on a family road trip they’d prefer to forget. 4
First Blood 1982 Action, Thriller The message about treating war veterans more sympathetically gets a little lost amid the violence but that doesn’t stop this being a great film with the highlight being the thrilling chase through the wilderness as Rambo evades his pursuers. 4
An American Werewolf in London 1981 Comedy, Horror A masterful blend of comedy and horror, with almost as many laughs as there are shocks, while Rick Baker’s werewolf transformation sequence still looks incredible. One of the scariest, funniest and saddest horror films you will ever see. 4.5
Stir Crazy 1980 Comedy One of several Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder collaborations and it's clearly designed to showcase them with the story being an afterthought. Pryor's contribution still holds up pretty well but Wilder's antics are pretty annoying and haven’t aged well. 2.5
Twins 1988 Action, Comedy The plot is pretty flimsy but Arnie provides a pretty good comedic performance, ably backed by Devito, and there are a few reasonable action scenes. Not one of the big man's best but still entertaining. 3
Edge of Tomorrow 2014 Action, SciFi A clever story and great action scenes combined with a surprisingly humble performance from Cruise and a badass showing from Emily Blunt all makes for an excellent Sci-Fi thriller which also makes room for some good humour at times. 4
I See You 2019 Mystery, Thriller The cinematography and score are perfect for this type of film but story is all over the place for the first half hour or so. Then there's a twist that cleverly explains everything and things really pick up, though the later twist is far more predictable. 3
Stagecoach 1986 Adventure, Western This light-hearted remake of the 1939 classic primarily serves as marketing for some of the era's biggest names in Country Music and they generally do a decent job, with Willie Nelson the standout thanks to some good comedic moments. 3
Red Lights 2012 Mystery, Thriller How this modestly-budgeted film managed to secure such a high calibre cast is the biggest mystery, but it is well shot with an intriguing premise and is fairly gripping until the lazy twist ending undoes much of the good work done before it. 3.5
Ghostbusters 1984 Comedy, Horror Some of the effects look dated now but this film was never really about them. A brilliantly-written story with some of the finest comedic talent of the era make for one of the iconic 80s movies and a pop culture sensation that endures to this day. 4
Crocodile Dundee 1986 Adventure, Comedy Much of the film is just a sequence of sketches showcasing Paul Hogan, but the surprise is that it has aged pretty well barring a couple of scenes and is far more sensitive and inclusive than you'd expect of a mid-80s comedy starring a brash Aussie. 3.5
Dragnet 1987 Action, Comedy The plot is hit and miss but this is a great 80s comedy with Dan Aykroyd providing the best moments in his role as the straight man, and if nothing else it delivers one of the most finely-crafted punchlines of all time in the final scene. 3.5
Heathers 1989 Comedy, Drama, Thriller If David Lynch had ever done a teen high school comedy then it would probably have turned out like this. Occasional moments of entertainment are cancelled out by equal amounts of weirdness and the whole thing is a little too dark to be enjoyable. 2.5
City Slickers 1991 Comedy, Drama, Western A funny and heart-warming story about facing middle age and appreciating what you have, with the witty dialogue between Billy Crystal and his friends being the highlight. 3.5
A Few Good Men 1992 Drama Best known for the fantastic verbal showdown between Cruise and Nicholson, but even before that this courtroom drama is gripping from beginning to end with excellent performances almost all round and a fascinating story. 4
Shallow Grave 1994 Crime, Thriller Danny Boyle's debut film is tense, witty and dark as they come as we see the impact of one traumatic act on three friends, with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Ecclestone both showing early examples of the talent that would lead them to bigger things. 4
Clueless 1995 Comedy, Romance There are occasionally some funny moments in this film, but the story is formulaic and predictable even by the standards of the era and many of the characters are so detestable that it is hard to watch. 2.5
Love Wedding Repeat 2020 Comedy, Romance With a cast featuring young British comedy talent the film starts of as a quirky and funny wedding farce. But on the hour mark ( about 15 minutes after interest has waned) it take a 'sliding doors' turn that doesn't really work. 2.5
Peninsula 2020 Action, Foreign Language, Horror Without the claustrophobic setting of a moving locomotive, this Train To Busan sequel is little more than a bog standard zombie film with a distinct lack of Zombies and an over-reliance on CGI where it isn't needed. 2.5
Beverley Hills Cop II 1987 Action, Comedy, Crime Despite the plot being mostly superfluous, the chemistry between Murphy, Reinhold and Ashton covers up the flaws and keeps the Beverly Hills cop name intact. 3
Breaking the Bank 2014 Comedy A weak British comedy with an American lead (Kelsey Grammer) playing a clueless English banking boss. Only watch if you really want to know what happened to the guy from Gavin & Stacey. 2
Beverly Hills Cop 1984 Action, Comedy, Crime An 80s film that stands up so well almost 40 years later is very rare, but Murphy's performance, a great scrtipt and quality direction help Beverly Hills Cop break the mould. 4
Project Power 2020 Action, Crime, SciFi An interesting take on the superpowers trope, but despite good performances the script sand action are a little underwhelming to the point where it feels like a teen-adventure rather than an action film. 3
Murder Mystery 2019 Action, Comedy, Crime A high profile (but mostly terrible) ensemble farce their way through a traditional murder mystery as Sandler and Aniston portray an unbelievable couple who get into unbelievable situations. There is 90 mins of fun there, but you will forget it quickly. 3