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Mission: Impossible 1996 Action, Adventure, Thriller It is easy to see why this was such a hit in '96, but 20+ years on the acting, action sequences and CGI leave a huge amount to be desired! 3
Fractured 2019 Mystery, Thriller A slightly overhyped Mystery that fits into the growing genre of 'Not Quite Shyamalam'. I called the ending very early in the film (like as soon as the incident happened) and found it all a bit too obvious. 3.5
Escape Plan 3: The Extractors 2019 Action, Crime, Thriller With each sequel Stallone is on screen less and the boredom gets more in another franchise of diminishing returns. Average in every way. Not a waste of my time, but not a good use either. 2.5
Hellboy 2019 Action, Adventure, Fantasy Another completely pointless reboot. Apart from the terrible script, awful acting, very poor CGI, swearing overlaid for effect, unfunny jokes and unlikeable characters - it was average. 2.5
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie 2019 Action, Drama Focussing on what became of Jesse it picks up straight after the final episode and is an excellent way to complete the Breaking Bad story. It did get a little confusing in places due to the multiple timelines/flashbacks, but all ties up nicely by the end. 4
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead 2014 Action, Comedy, Horror Some unique twists on the usual zombie lore and an abundance of Aussie humour make for a better than average film, despite the low budget effects, limited acting and washed-out cinematography. 3
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2009 Action, Comedy The first half hour features some of the worst 'humour' ever committed to film, which would've still been embarassing in an 80s screwball comedy. Once the action kicks in it does get a little better, but it's still pretty dismal stuff overall. 1.5
Before I Wake 2016 Fantasy, Horror A fairly unique premise and reasonable acting set up an intriguing horror story, but it's undone by resorting to cheap jump scares, while the negligent behaviour of the adult characters in the second half makes it hard to take seriously. 2.5
Taxi Driver 1976 Crime, Drama Whilst it was obviously shocking at the time, watching for the first time 43 years later this is fairly tame stuff by modern standards and only lightly touches on the themes of mental illness and disassociation. An influential film, but also a dated one. 3
Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019 Action, Comedy After the stress of the recent Avengers films it's nice to see a more light-hearted MCU film and Gyllenhall is excellent as Mysterio, but the second half of the film reverts to the usual destructive CGI-fest and is about as generic Marvel as it gets. 3
Casa De Mi Padre 2012 Action, Comedy Will Ferrell gets kudos for exercising his foreign language skills in this Mexican movie parody, and there are some humourous and downright ridiculous moments, but a movie like this was only ever going to be average at best. 2.5
In The Tall Grass 2019 Horror, Mystery Starts off as an interesting, creepy thriller with some great visuals, but ends up as confusing and frankly rather boring mess. Would've worked better as a 45 minute TV special rather than a full length movie. 2
The Lunchbox 2013 Drama, Foreign Language, Romance Irrfan Kahn is wonderful as a grumpy widower who gets an unlikely pen-pal (and maybe more?) when he is mistakenly delivered the wrong lunch. A delightfully gentle tale of regaining hope from despair. 4
Joker 2019 Crime, Drama, Thriller An origin story with a first half was so dark it won't be for everyone, Phoenix puts in arguably the all time best performance of Joker and from the moment he comes out of his shell the film is mesmeric. 4.5
90 Minutes 2019 Drama, Sport Tells the story of a (Sun)day in the life of Hackney marshes and the amateur football teams that play there. The swear-o-meter is turned up to 11 and the script dialled down to a 2. 2.5
Gone Girl 2014 Mystery, Thriller Dark and intense, this is the perfect subject matter for Fincher's direction, but what really makes it stand out is the performance of Rosamund Pike as one of the most manipulative, vindictive characters in recent movie history. 4
Deep Blue Sea 1999 SciFi, Thriller There are a few enjoyable moments, most notably THAT Samuel L. Jackson scene, but overall this is a dumb, badly-acted load of nonsense with some fairly awful CGI effects. 2
Enter the Dragon 1973 Action, Thriller Story-wise it's no different from most other Kung-Fu movies, but the addition of American production values, Bruce Lee's screen presence and that iconic final showdown make it one of the greatest Martial Arts films, though it does seem dated nowadays. 3.5
Misery 1990 Thriller I'm not sure it was truly Oscar-worthy, but Kathy Bates' performance as the antagonist in this tense chiller certainly helps make this one of the better Stephen King adaptations. 3.5
Vacancy 2007 Horror There's a definite Hitchcock influence to the early stages of this horror thriller, and while that eventually gives way to more predictable violence and jump scares, the acting and direction and are good enough to keep things interesting. 3
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended) 2002 Adventure, Fantasy While there are still plenty of great moments, this is the weakest of the LOTR films, with several scenes that should've been trimmed. The extended version adds more bad than good, though a couple of the extra scenes do give more character background. 4
The Karate Kid Part III 1989 Action, Drama Very much a case of diminishing returns as this film retreads ground from the first whilst introducing several dreadful actors as bad guys and ruining Macchio's character. Only Morita retains any dignity with another decent showing as Mr Miyagi. 2
The Dead Don't Die 2019 Comedy, Horror Really quirky, irreverent humour and a fun zombie comedy-horror. Right up until Tilda Swinton turns up and tries to ruin the film (as she does in most) with an awful Scottish accent and overplayed performance. 3.5
Toy Story 4 2019 Animation, Comedy, Family It seems like the plot is very light, but as I wasn't a fan of TS3 that felt like a good thing. The new characters Forky, Ducky & Bunny were great and I really liked Bo Peep's extended role. 4
My Life as a Dog 1985 Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language Swedish coming of age film about a young boy sent to live with his uncle to give his convalescing mother some respite. A gentle film that didn't really delve into any of the growing pains but rather skims o the surface. 3
Yesterday 2019 Comedy, Fantasy, Music On the surface a serviceable rom-com to a soundtrack of The Beatles. But even the slightest scratch of the surface tears the script apart. Boyle and Curtis can and have done much better. 3
Wild Rose 2019 Drama, Music This 'follow your dreams' Country music drama suffers from Jesse Buckley's character being so unlikeable that I didn't really care if she realised the dreams or not. 3
Dead in a Week Days (or your money back) 2019 Comedy English black comedy about a suicidal writer and an aging hit man who offers to 'outsource your suicide'. Reasonably well written and acted, but nothing ground breaking. 3
I Am Mother 2019 Drama, SciFi, Thriller An interesting and well done take on the child raised by wolves. It won't win admirers for originality, but it will for tension and style. 3.5
Men In Black: International 2019 Action, Adventure, Comedy A very 2000s attempt at a 90s film. Nothing terribly wrong with the film, but they really don't make 90s films like they did in the 90s. 2.5
Ma 2019 Drama, Horror, Thriller Octavia Spencer is a lonely veterinary nurse who befriends a group of teens after they ask her to buy some booze for them. It starts like a pretty standard drama, but then turns a bit Misery and then a bit Hostel! It won't win awards, but it's a fun ride. 4
Rocketman 2019 Biopic, Drama, Music Without falling into the traps that Bohemian Rhapsody did and whitewashing a troubled story, Rocketman still only feels like it scratches the surface. There will surely be a (posthumous?) sequel where we get to see Diva Elton in full effect. 3.5
Happy New Year Colin Burstead 2018 Comedy, Drama Colin brings his family to a stately house for a New Year's Eve to forget. Ben Wheatley's least subversive film always feels like something is missing and despite the clever dialogue, by the end you are left wondering what the point was. 3
Filth 2013 Comedy, Crime, Drama Based on Irvine Welsh' best book, the film had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately it fails at almost every turn. McAvoy can't portray just how loathsome his character is and the director chickens out of the ending. A huge disappoinment. 2
Defending Your Life 1991 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Albert Brooks tale of the bureaucracy of the afterlife is very well told with some good laughs, but it always feels like a slightly under par Woody Allen film. 3.5
The Vanishing 2018 Drama, Mystery, Thriller The initial slow burn lets rip into mayhem in a gloriously understated and creepy thriller showing how one poor decision can have devastating effects. 4
The Lion King 2019 Adventure, Drama, Family Yes the remake is pointless when the animation is still so perfect, but it is the unnecessary changes that hurt most. Changing Shenzi the Hyena Queen to a 2 dimensional tyrant is unforgivable. 3
The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 Drama, SciFi Bowie may be perfectly cast as an Alien on Earth, but both the plot and the style are products of a very different age and can't hold up for anything more than novelty. 3
Spirited Away 2001 Adventure, Animation, Fantasy A young girl's anxiety about moving home is told in fantastical splendour. Whilst not the best Ghibli have produced, this Oscar winner is certainly the most accessible to newcomers. 4
World Cup: A Captain's Tale 1982 Biopic, Comedy, Drama Despite Dennis Waterman's dodgy Geordie accent, the story of the English non-leaguers winning the first ever football world cup is tv movie gold. 3.5
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019 Comedy, Drama Its history revision is a bone of contention for some, but for me the biggest issue is that the story goes nowhere for 2 hours and then has an ultraviolent ending added just for effect. Its a shame as the characters are great. 2.5
Shazam! 2019 Action, Adventure, Comedy A surprisingly entertaining reworking of Big as a superhero movie. The jokes are obvious and over the top, but that isn't a bad think in a gloriously kid centred film. 3.5
Anima 2019 Music, SciFi, Short Paul Thomas Andersons collected music videos for Thom Yorke's solo album is as pretentious as the whole Radiohead back catalogue combined. 1.5
Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story 2018 Documentary A fascinating and moving tale of the enigma behind Frank Sidebottom and many more comedic and musical ventures that doesn't shy away from his darker moments. 4
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile 2019 Biopic, Crime, Drama This character study of killer Ted Bundy manages to keep your interest for the full running time without showing a single murder. Efron is finally throwing off his Twilight shackles. 3.5
Booksmart 2019 Comedy A massively overrated attempt at making a boys film for girls. It falls foul of all of the usual tropes, but does still entertains along the way as two preppy girls have a one night blow out before college. 3
The Miseducation of Cameron Post 2018 Drama A believable and eye opening tale of a/the church's obsession with Adam and Eve. It is a sad refection on modern life that these gay conversion centres are fact and not fiction. 4
Fish Story 2009 Comedy, Foreign Language, Music This Japanese film of Japanese Sex Pistols wannabees who inadvertently save the world is typically quirky, but never really hits the heights it is aiming for. 3
In the Loop 2019 Comedy Essentially a feature length episode of The Thick of It, this isn't Armando Iannuci's best film despite his clear understanding of international politics. There are plenty of laughs and a great cast, but the lofty plot of trying to stop a impending war is 2.5
Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2019 Comedy, Family, Fantasy A surprisingly entertaining movie even for non-Pokefans. Ryan Reynolds is just Ryan Reynolds and the CGI creatures are odd to say the least, but it works. 3.5