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The Levelling 2016 Drama Despite the director's overuse of symbolic cut scenes and a pretty annoying score, The Levelling is a brilliant debut film. Just be prepared for a quite depressing tone that never lightens. 3.5
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken 2015 Biopic, Crime, Drama A very average (and apparently true) kidnap tale that is made worse by the filmmakers not knowing whether to make the perpetrators heroes or villains. 2
Little Boxes 2016 Drama The film is so desperate to sell you its liberal message that it ties itself in knots and forgets to be entertaining. Belongs (and will probably end up) on the Hallmark channel. 2
The Fate of the Furious 2017 Action, Adventure, Crime Even for the F&F franchise this is a pretty ludicrous film with some terrible dialogue and set pieces. But just like all the rest, there is some fun to be had. 2.5
The Hatton Garden Job 2017 Crime Has hopes to be a 'based on a true story' of the movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but ends up more like an episode of TV show Hustle. 2
Personal Shopper 2016 Drama, Mystery, Thriller For a paranormal thriller it is a pity that the paranormal seems superfluous. Kristen Stewart is excellent and her character is interesting enough without the need for spirits. 3
Aftermath 2017 Drama Taken as either a low budget Hollywood film or a big-budget TV movie, Aftermath crafts a good tale and gives Arnie just enough scope to show off his limited skills as a serious actor. 3
Enemy of the State 1998 Action, Thriller It's billing as a 90s action classic is inaccurate as the film turns out to be a rather lame thriller that plays on 90s tech-fear by exaggeration and fantasy. Smith is Smith, but the film is not up to his usual standard. 2.5
Thor 2011 Action, Comedy, Fantasy An entertaining debut for Marvel's God of Thunder. The action sequences are largely forgettable, but as with most Marvel offerings, the humour and charisma of the lead actors is what stands out. 3.5
X-Men 2000 Action, Adventure Assembles a very well-cast and generally well-acted group of characters, but then does very little with them. In retrospect this film feels like it was just a set up for the superior sequel. 3
Logan 2017 Action, Drama, SciFi To call this a superhero film does it a massive disservice. An emotional and violent road movie that is a fitting end to the Wolverine story and is exactly the mature film that many have been hoping for from this genre. 4.5
The Dark Crystal 1982 Adventure, Fantasy The story is a fairly generic fantasy offering, but the puppetry and voice acting is generally impressive and this has aged far better than Labyrinth, despite being produced 3 years earlier. 3
Robocop 1988 Action, SciFi An absolute classic of the genre, and still as gut-wrenchingly violent and darkly satirical as it ever was, but recent viewing also revealed a emotional tale about humanity that I hadn't previously appreciated. 5
Star Trek: Insurrection 1998 Adventure, SciFi A surprisingly light-hearted and amusing outing for the usually serious Next Generation crew, with the lack of significant deep space action a definite plus-point. Much better than expected! 3.5
Dressed to Kill 1980 Thriller Unashamedly taking influence from more than one Hitchcock film, this movie was probably pretty disturbing in its day, but almost 40 years on provides more giggles than scares. 2.5
Top Dog 2015 Comedy, Family Exactly as good as you'd expect a family film about International Dachshund Racing to be. Undemanding and instantly forgettable, but entertaining enough. 2.5
The Croods 2013 Adventure, Animation One of the most gorgeous-looking animated films I've seen, and it has some nice characters and funny moments too. It's just a shame the story is rather lacklustre and predictable. 3
Moon 2009 SciFi, Thriller A great performance by Sam Rockwell anchors a dark and intelligent Sci-Fi film that successfully captures the feel of some of the iconic 70's films from the genre. 4
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 Thriller The rubber-suited creature may no longer be scary, but the film itself is still enjoyable in other ways, and features some impressive underwater cinematography for its time. Fully deserving of its classic status. 3.5
Power Rangers 2017 Action, Adventure, SciFi A surprisingly entertaining sci-fi adventure. Though the humoour is a little grown up for the pre-teen audience the TV show was most popular with. 3
Ghost in the Shell 2017 Action, SciFi The 1995 anime Ghost in the Shell excelled in the art of story telling, however the live action retelling forgoes this in favour of visual gimmicks.. Scarlett is still the number one sci-fi badass babe, but GITS is a 'major' disappointment. 2
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 2016 Action, Horror, SciFi Pretty standard Resi fare for the most part, but a mildly satisfying ending leaves you lamenting the end of Alice's story. 2.5
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 Comedy, Fantasy With a less controversial subject matter Grail will never hit the heights of Brian, but it is another example of how unique the Python boys were/are. 4
Monty Python's Life of Brian 1979 Comedy An almost perfect comedy. Packed to the brim with jokes that you won't tire of and a hugely clever satirical script. 5
Monster Trucks 2016 Adventure, Family With no humour, pathos or excitement, there is little to enjoy in a movie that sounds so much better on paper. 2
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006 Action The plot is a complete cheese-fest but there is enough choreographed car dancing to see you though. 3
Prevenge 2017 Comedy, Drama, Horror A superbly macabre and darkly funny film using a topic that is usually taboo. A brilliant debut directorial feature from Alice Lowe. 4
We Don't Belong Here 2017 Drama A well meaning portrayal of mental illness in a middle class American family, but too much melodrama and an awfully convenient end clouds the real pain. 2.5
Bokeh 2017 Drama A relatable and semi believable study of how a couple would react if they woke up one morning and were suddenly the only people on the planet. Beautifully shot on location in Iceland. 4
Synecdoche, New York 2008 Comedy, Drama Very well acted by Philip Seymour Hoffman as the boundaries of time, size and personality are subverted in another fine Kaufman screenplay. Won't be to everyone's taste, but fans of his previous work should be satisfied. 3.5
The Fits 2015 Drama An extremely well directed and shot minimalist tale where a young tomboy's turn towards girlhood coincides with a bout of unexplained fits befalling a dance troup. 3.5
The Love Witch 2016 Comedy Don't be fooled by the aesthetic, this isn't a horror version of Bewitched. It is an awful film that disguises its poor script and worse acting by looking like it is bad on purpose. 1.5
I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore 2017 Comedy, Crime, Drama Starts off as a quirky tale about burglary and disillusionment, but laters morphs into a bloody shoot-out farce. Another indie hit for Elijah Wood 3
Kong: Skull Island 2017 Action, Adventure Loses its way in the second half when it focusses on the other animal habitants of the island, but when Kong is on screen the film is a satisfactory action adventure. 3
Get Out 2017 Thriller The racial element feels like a gimmick and the acting is a bit hammy. Despite the critics fawning all over this supposed horror film, it turns out t be no more than an enjoyable thriller. 3
East of Ipswich 1984 Comedy, Drama, Period Apparently based on writer Michael Palin's own memories of meeting his future wife on a boring seaside holiday with his parents in the 50s, this TV drama is so sedate it is almost a painting rather than a film. Amusing, but slightly dull. 2.5
Breaking Bad: The Movie (Fan Edit) 2017 Crime, Drama Click to see our Fan Edit review. 3
It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway 2017 Comedy, Drama Alan Thicke plays the self help guru very well and the film has a very interesting premise of selfishness as a deliberate way of life, but it fails to develop the idea beyond a simple farce. 2
A Street Cat Named Bob 2016 Biopic, Drama A bland yet entertaining and mildly uplifting tale that lets itself down by glossing over the difficulties of heroin addiction and homelessness. 2.5
World War Z 2013 Action, Adventure, Horror From the breathtaking opening scene to the great visuals and stunning set pieces, WWZ is an exhilarating movie and an interesting take on the Zombie Genre. Recommended. 4
The Village 2004 Drama, Mystery Another fine M. Night Shyamalam showpiece, though the acting was a little under par. I'd love to see a darker version by the director of The Witch. 3.5
Gold 2016 Biopic, Drama A fun modern day (well, 1980s) gold rush adventure that is far too pleased with itself for making Matthew McConaughey so fat and bald that it has to ram it down your throat in every scene. 2.5
Poor Cow 1967 Drama Told in a documentary style, Ken Loach's debut film tells the story of a poor single mum in 60s London. Less moralistic than his later outings, but just as clear a social commentary as everything else that followed. 3.5
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 Drama, Romance, SciFi A great cast and a wonderfully 'Kaufman' script, but the visual appeal is lacking and the scenes with young Jim Carey are excruciating. 3
What's Eating Gilbert Grape 1993 Drama DiCaprio is superb and the rest of the cast are all very good, but the film has an air of liberal superiority throughout that gets a little too much. The end of the film is also pretty odd and definitely illegal! 3
Lethal Weapon 4 1998 Action, Comedy, Thriller Rounding the series off in style, though the addition of a rather superfluous Chris Rock and the underuse of Joe Pesci is a shame. 3.5
Kes 1969 Drama Almost 50 years old and still an almost perfect film. Ken Loach is still going strong, but Kes will be hard to beat as his best and most loved picture. 5
Free Fire 2016 Action, Comedy, Crime As chaotic as it is magnificent, Free Fire is a typical Ben Whreatley dark comedy masquerading as a big budget gangster film. More fun than people getting shot in the legs really should be. 4
Adult Life Skills 2016 Comedy, Drama An American styled indie film told in a very British way. Funny and entertaining, if a little trite. 3.5
The Chain 1984 Comedy The kind of film only the early 80s could conjure. Philosophy and the housing market that doesn't quite stand the test of time. 2.5