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Cool Runnings 1993 Biopic, Comedy Very much a case of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, but this is a good story with plenty of laughs and a great performance by John Candy in one of the last roles before his untimely death. 3
Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1991 Action, SciFi, Thriller With tremendous action and effects that still look pretty good, this is one of the best sequels of all time, but the increased budget and making Arnie the hero remove some of the menace and raw thrills that made the original film so memorable. 4
Dope 2015 Comedy, Crime If you can get past the offensive urban language and mumbled delivery from some actors, there's a witty and intelligent film here with some engaging characters. 3
Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009 Biopic, Drama A tear-jerking true story about the bond between a dog and his master, beautifully delivered and with excellent performances from humans and dog alike. 4
The Overnight 2015 Comedy This raunchy comedy offers a few good laughs and cleverly makes you feel just as awkward and uncomfortable as the characters in it. It's also refreshingly short at under 80 minutes! 3
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 Action, SciFi, Thriller Unfairly lambasted simply for not being as good as its predecessors, this is a perfectly enjoyable action thriller that furthers the John Connor saga well and has the best ending of any film in the franchise. 3.5
Just Before I Go 2014 Comedy, Drama Courteney Cox makes her film directing debut and finally allows Seann William Scott to shake off the 'Stifler' role. The blend of crude comedy and emotional reflection is jarring at times but this is better than the 10% Rotten Tomatoes score suggests. 3.5
Grandma 2015 Comedy, Drama Lily Tomlin excels in the role of a woman growing old disgracefully in a film that is more drama than comedy, but still has enough humour to be engaging. 3
Into The Forest 2015 Thriller Despite a few plot points that strain its credibility, this is a tense survival thriller with compelling performances from the lead actresses and some excellent cinematography. 3
The Visit 2015 Horror, Thriller An unnerving, well-acted chiller that is something of a return to form for M. Night Shyamalan, but is almost ruined by the decision to film in a home movie/documentary style. 3
Continuum 2013 Drama, SciFi An intriguing time travel yarn that considers whether just because you could further the boundaries of science, does it mean you should? Hampered a bit by the modest budget and slow pace, but it's fairly well acted and the ending is worth the wait. 3.5
Sisters 2015 Comedy Only Amy Poehler comes out with any credit from an embarrassing and unfunny modern twist on the 80's teenage house party comedy. 1.5
Prometheus 2012 SciFi, Thriller Visually and aurally stunning, with plenty of thrills, but the story is often nonsensical and the characters are mostly either unmemorable or unlikeable. 3
The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016 Adventure, Fantasy Undoubtedly the most derivative big budget fantasy adventure film you will ever see, but it still provides a reasonable two hours of entertainment. 2.5
We Are Still Here 2015 Horror Low budget horror that has a decent enough haunted house premise, but is let down by mediocre acting, boring cinematography and throws all sense of tension away with its gore-soaked finale. 2
Eraser 1996 Action, Thriller A typical mid-90s Arnie film - plenty of overblown action, a few laughs, but nothing in the way of originality. Almost instantly forgettable. 2.5
Splinter 2008 Horror Click to see our detailed review. 4
Red Dragon 2002 Crime, Thriller Nowhere near as gripping as Silence of the Lambs, but Edward Norton is always worth watching and it's a guilty pleasure to see Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal one last time. 3
The Silence of the Lambs 1991 Crime, Thriller While it may not be quite as terrifying as the hype suggested when it was released, this is undoubtedly a tense, disturbing and superbly-acted film with deservedly Oscar-winning performances from the two leads. 4
22 Jump Street 2014 Action, Comedy This sequel to a film that was better than it had any right to be is, again, better than it had any right to be. However, while its self-mocking moments are entertaining, the comedy and action are both inferior to the first film and soon become tiresome. 2.5
Contagion 2011 Action, Thriller A realistic and compelling infection thriller that begs for a concentrated dose instead of its multi-character strands and pointlessly starry cast. 3
Terminator Salvation 2009 Action, SciFi, Thriller An amiable, if somewhat soulless, bridge between the previous Terminator movies, ruined slightly by a bland performance from Sam Worthington. 3
Labyrinth 1986 Adventure, Fantasy A charming fantasy tale that, while questionable in certain acting areas (yes, I'm looking at you Ms.Connelly), is still good fun and contains bags of ideas. 4
Barb Wire 1996 Action, Romance, SciFi A somewhat vacuous retread of Casablanca that struggles to overcome the inherent inability of Pamela Anderson to actually act, despite a solid supporting cast. 2
The Founder 2016 Biopic Another tale of how the American Dream is really the big guy kicking over the small guy's sandcastle. Well told, but Keaton is just Keaton so I am glad the early Oscar buzz petered out. 3
Paterson 2016 Comedy, Drama, Romance A delightfully humdrum film about life's poetry. Surprisingly not in consideration for the major awards. 4
The White King 2016 Drama, SciFi Don't believe anyone who tries to convince you this film has some kind of relevance with Trump's America. It is just a poor dystopia film with some of the worst acting outside of soap opera. 1.5
The Great Wall 2016 Action, Adventure, Period A run of the mill action adventure that is so light on plot and heavy on bad cgi that you will come away feeling dumber than when you started. 2
Loving 2016 Biopic, Drama, Romance Another biopic where the story's importance is far greater than the drama can convey. Impecibly acted and beautifully shot, but lacking in suspense. 3.5
Christine 2016 Biopic, Drama High on melodrama but low on insight. 2
A Monster Calls 2016 Drama, Family, Fantasy Whilst the film is a heartfelt story of childhood grief, it is ultimately a slightly dull tale permeated with well animated fables. 2.5
Dheepan 2016 Drama, Foreign Language Like a French Harry Brown. I'm not sure the French will like the portrayal of France as a war-zone and England as the promised land though! 3
Toni Erdmann 2016 Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language In places it represents the mundanity of real life and in others it is mad as a bag of squirrels. German comedy, who'd have thought that would happen? 3.5
Lion 2016 Biopic, Drama A wonderful feel-good true story that despite pulling at the heartstrings, is told completely believably. Great acting from both 'Lions' and a wonderful score. 4
Mustang 2016 Drama, Foreign Language A gentle family drama takes an interesting turn towards the end as Turkish sisters rebel against forced marriage. Has a fantastic score. 4
Golden Years 2016 Comedy, Crime A return to the bad old days of British comedy. Not a joke to be seen and some terrible acting from surprisingly good actors. 1.5
Ben Hur 2016 Action, Adventure A TV movie masquerading as a Hollywood blockbuster. Even the fabled chariot scene is a let down (with its obviously CGI horses). 2
Fences 2016 Drama Beautifully shot and very well acted. It is sometimes hard to accept Denzel as a poor man, but the way he delivers his long monologues and diatribes show just how good an actor he can be. 4
American Honey 2016 Drama A different take on the coming-of-age road trip movie with a band of believable misfits working and playing hard as they travelling the mid-west. 3.5
Split 2017 Horror, Thriller McAvoy manages to pull off each of his personalities with skill in M Night Shyamalam's best film for some time. Borrows from 10 Cloverfield Lane in more ways than one. 3.5
Passengers 2016 Adventure, Romance All of the action is in the trailer, the plot holes are laughable and for a romance there is no chemistry.. Massive disappointment. 1.5
Julieta 2016 Drama, Foreign Language Despite wrapping up reasonably well, the film doesn't seem to go anywhere. It portrays loss well but unfortunately not well enough to make you really care. 2.5
Jackie 2016 Biopic, Drama A surprising and intriguing look at woman behind JFK. Portman is wonderful, as is the production. 4
Manchester By The Sea 2016 Drama An absolutely stunning performance from Casey Affleck in a slow and upsetting portrayal of grief and regret. 3.5
Denial 2016 Biopic, Drama A reasonably interesting courtroom drama that is made semi-unwatchable by an awful performance by Rachel Weisz. 2.5
The Hard Stop 2016 Documentary Interesting, but one sided and divisive documentary about crime, oppression and consequences. 3
Allied 2016 Drama, Romance, Thriller, War No matter how good the story or acting may be (both are just OK), it is hard to look past the strange CGI de-ageing work that has been done to Pitt. 3
Under the Shadow 2016 Foreign Language, Horror A slow and creepy Iranian horror film where not a lot happens, but it stays with you. 4
Hacksaw Ridge 2016 Action, Biopic, War A good war film that could have been great but for Gibson's obsession with fiery death (worried about where you are going Mel?), Vince Vaughan's attempt at a serious role and Garfield's gormless face. 3.5
Hidden Figures 2016 Biopic, Drama The issues of segregation are dealt with in Hollywood way so we don't get to see any of the real tensions, but that aside Hidden Figures is a well told biography of three pioneering women who deserve to have their story told. 3.5