The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

You can search and sort the list by individual film names, genre, reviewer, score and other variables to inform you on whether a film is worth your time, or to inspire you for your next movie night.

We will also use the database to create periodic lists of the recommended films in all sorts of categories. These lists will be shared on the website and some will even come with a video.

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Dogman 2018 Drama, Foreign Language A gentle dog groomer has to deal with a brutal and controlling thug in a drama that builds into a thought provoking and tender lesson in the need to be accepted. 3.5
Beast 2018 Crime, Drama, Mystery It is a shame the film was marketed as some kind of adult fairytale, as in reality is tense mystery thriller with a chilling air. Jesse Buckley plays lead character Mol to perfection as she fights against over-protective parents and a hidden past. 4
The Old Man and the Gun 2018 Biopic, Comedy, Crime Based on the true story of career criminal Forrest Tucker who has 18 successful escapes under his belt, you would expect excitement and flair. But this is about the 70 Forrest and the pacing is slower than him. 2.5
The Predator 2018 Action, Comedy, Horror Totally stupid, totally fun and totally NOT a Predator film. Dispenses with any sense of continuation from previous films and brings an irreverent and hilarious tone. This feels more like the A Team crossed with Con Air. In a good way! 4
The Favourite 2018 Biopic, Comedy, Period A quirky period tale of two cousins fighting for the attentions of the Queen. Coleman and Stone are superb and the direction inventive, but the story sags quite heavily before a polarising end. 4
Vice 2018 Biopic, Comedy, Drama Initially Vice appears to be just an excuse to re-do the Big Short formula and for Bale to dust off his Batman voice, but in fact it is another fascinating docu-dramedy from the master of this new genre, Adam McKay. 4
Lionheart 2018 Comedy, Drama A women in mans world must save the ailing family business. Despite a pretty basic story you can't help bu caught caught up in the infectious Nigerian optimism and humour of the film. 3.5
Extinction 2018 Action, SciFi Fr the most part this is a pretty standard mid-budget future dystopia. There is a payoff that makes the film more interesting but I am not sure it is explored satisfactorilly. 3.5
Eagle vs Shark 2007 Comedy, Romance Another quirky New Zealand comedy that is possibly a little too twee to be up there with the best the country has produced. 3
The Spanish Prisoner 1997 Mystery, Thriller Despite teasing some big thrill, the film is pedstrian and lacking in excitement. However Steve Martin performs excellently in one of his few seious roles. 2.5
Transporter 3 2008 Action, Crime A franchise of diminishing returns manages to wring out just enough excitement to pacifyit audience. 2.5
Blood Father 2016 Action, Crime, Drama Ridiculous story, overacted and pretty annoying characters as a father protects a daughter who probably doesn't deserve it. But it is Mel Gibson doing what he does best so is still worth a watch. 3
Snowpiercer 2013 Action, SciFi A non stop thill ride on a non-stot train as the class war is fought with carriage by carriage battle to the engine. 4
Starred Up 2013 Crime, Drama A superb British prison drama sees a hot headed son initially try to impress his father before going to war with him. 5
Skyscraper 2018 Action Towering Infeno crossed with every other Dwayne Johnson film as a one legged security consultant fights to rotect his family. What more could you want? 3.5
John Dies at the End 2012 Comedy, Horror Everything is dialled up to 11 in an over the top comedy horror that could make you throw up as much as you laugh. 3
Walk Like a Panther 2018 Comedy Tame, unfunny and overly sentimental story of has-been wrestlers trying to save their local pub. The kind of Brtish comedy we don't get anymore, with good reason. 2
Funny Cow 2017 Comedy, Drama As a period piece exploring the working man's club comedy circuit the film works. But as a comedy drama about the struggles of a working class single mother it really doesn't 2.5
Mission Impossible: Fallout 2018 Action, Thriller The most exciting MI film and Tom Cruise's best for quite some time. Enouh twists, chases and fist fights to keep the hungriest action fan quiet. 4
The Shanghai Job 2017 Action, Crime, Thriller A rough looking Orlando Bloom leads a team of security agents to lose and then retrieve a priceless Chinese antique. Average in every respect. 2.5
Triangle 2009 Mystery, SciFi, Thriller Brainbending time loop horror film set on a mysterious cruise ship. Spooky and brilliant in equal measures. 4
Animal Kingdom 2010 Crime, Drama A whos who of Australian film sees a seventeen year old boy struggles to choose between his criminal family and doing the right thing. Grim and gritty, but lacking a little in plot. 3.5
Ocean's 8 2018 Action, Comedy, Crime Dumbed down franchise flick that does nothing to further the cause of female led film. 2.5
Very Bad Things 1998 Comedy, Crime, Thriller A film so 90s that it should be wearinga shell suit. Unbearably shouty performances as friends struggle to manage the falout from the accidental death of a prostitue. 2
Ghost Stories 2017 Drama, Horror Three ghost stories are investigated by a skeptical professor. Clever and funny British horror film from The eague of Gentlemen's reclusive Jeremy Dyson. 4
The Meg 2018 Action, Horror A shark the size of a house wants to eat Jason Stathom. As stupid as it sounds with acting to match, but it is chemistry-less relationship bwteen Statham and Bingbing Li that leaves the worst stain. 2.5
7 Days in Entebbe 2018 Biopic, Crime, Drama Despite its big name cast and exciting true life inspiration, this hostage drama contains no thrill and little insight. 2.5
The Mercy 2018 Adventure, Biopic, Drama A stranger than fiction tale of an average Joe who dicides to enter a round the world yacht race with catestrophic consequences. Colin Firth is excellent. 3.5
Hereditary 2018 Horror, Mystery Ludicrously billed as the scariest film of all time, when in fact it is a slow and preposterous mess with a ridiculous ending. 2
Transformers 2007 Action, Adventure, SciFi Over the top action and comedy tries to hide aits failings by throwing more CGI at the screen. The best of a bad bunch in a franchise of diminishing returns. 3
Upgrade 2018 Action, Horror, SciFi A slick 'upgrade' on the bionic man concept as an AI implant takes control of man seeking revenge. Brutal, bloody and brilliant! 4
Dead End 2003 Horror, Mystery If you can get past the initially annoying family and awful dialogue, then Dead End becomes a bizarre time-loop horror with a lot going for it. 3.5
Lonesome Jim 2005 Comedy, Drama Steve Buscemi's morose comedy/drama features some fine performances and a wonderful script as Casey Affleck once again shows his affinity for playing a depressed loner. 3.5
Braven 2018 Action, Drama Despite the recycling of standard action flick tropes, Braven and Momoa in particular is a tense and thrilling ride with some great scenery. 3.5
Singularity 2017 Action, Adventure, SciFi SciFi teen fiction on a low budget is a bad start, but things get worse with an awful script and pantomime performance from John Cusack. 1.5
Mandy 2018 Horror A tripped out horror that is high on aesthetics but very low on activity in its overlong first portion. Much better when Nic Cage is on screen. 2.5
Modern Life is Rubbish 2017 Comedy, Music, Romance A horribly contrived tale of a failing couple and their shared music collection. 'Modern Life' IS rubbish. 2
The Land of Steady Habbits 2018 Drama A wealthy but depressed man gives up his job, wife and comfort to find himself, but first finds more shame on his path to redemption. 3
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 Comedy, Crime, Thriller Whilst in its day it may have been groundbreaking, GPB has aged into a fun but throwaway hitman romp. 3.5
Broken City 2013 Crime, Drama, Thriller Despite an awful Russell Crowe performance, Wahlberg and Zeta-Jones pull of a satisfyingly dark politico-thriller 3.5
The Cloverfield Paradox 2018 Horror, Mystery, SciFi An unexpected delight of in the shape of a fun SciFi/Horror/Thriller. Yes, Cloverfield is poorly retrofitted, but get past that and just enjoy the ride. 4
Everest 2015 Adventure, Biopic, Drama As an adventure film, Everest just about works. But it doesn't quite manage offer any explaination or understanding of thrill seeking towards death. 3.5
Incredibles 2 2018 Adventure, Animation, SciFi The story is a definate improvement on the original, but still feels light and overly reliant on the Jack-Jack gimmick. 3.5
The Bookshop 2017 Drama A tragically dull film that provides little more than dustcover notes for plot as a bookshop opens to local opposition. 2
Sicario: Day of the Soldado 2018 Action, Crime, Drama Despite the visuals being more striking than the narrative, Soldado surpases Sicario and opens up a new avenue to extend the franchise into a new direction. 3.5
The Darkest Minds 2018 SciFi, Thriller As far as YA SciFi dystopian thrillers go, this 'mutants fight back' tale is better than the norm. But it is set against a very low bar. 3.5
Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018 Action, Adventure, Comedy Ant-Man proves once again that he is a character deserving of his own franchise. I just wish they would stop trying to shoehorn him into the MCU where he gets lost under the weight of the other heroes. 3.5
Juno 2007 Comedy, Drama Wonderfully scripted and fantastically acted, Juno's take on teenage pregnancy is a true modern classic that deserves to be more than just a cult film. 4.5
Leave No Trace 2018 A war veteren lives off grid with his teanage daughter until they are caught and forced back into society. A thoughtful and sensitive tale of love and coping. 3.5
Searching 2018 Drama, Mystery, Thriller Once you get past the wel done but gimmicky 'social media' style, Searching is a thrilling and exciting detective story. 4