The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

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CTRL Z 2017 Comedy, SciFi, Short A hopelessly romantic geek invents a device that allows him to reload his life from a save point and uses it to get the girl. Excellent sci-fi romcom concept test that will hopefully expand into a full feature soon. 4
Our Wife 1931 Comedy, Short Olly is getting married but his bethrothed father doesn't approve. Stanley as best man must help the couple elope. Typical Laurel & Hardy hilarity ensues, but despite the set up it is a little underwhelming. 3
Glass 2019 Drama, SciFi, Thriller M. Night Shyamalam's follow up to Unbreakable and Split is a lot of fun as it mimics Wes Craven's Scream set up by breaking down the superhero genre and using its tropes to drive the film. 4
Belly of the Whale 2018 Comedy, Crime, Drama Irish black comedy about a teen and a broken man who decide to rob an amusement arcade. Poor acting, stilted dialogue and a pedestrian plot made it a big disappointment when compared to other Irish films of its type. 2.5
American Animals 2018 Biopic, Crime, Drama An interesting cross between a documentary and a true drama. The director uses a full movie cast to dramatise the story of an art heist gone wrong, but intersperses it with conversation with the actual robbers and their families. 3.5
You're Darn Tootin' 1928 Comedy, Music, Short Wonderful Laurel & Hardy silent comedy that is worth watching just for the hilarious shin-kicking scene and Stan's collapsable clarinet. 4.5
The Music Box 1932 Comedy, Short Classic Laurel & Hardy as the duo attempt to deliver a piano up a seemingly endless flight of stairs. 4
Block-Heads 1938 Comedy, War Block-Heads is far from my favourite Laurel & Hardy film, but the tale of Stan being left guarding the trenches for 20 years after the war ended has some great gags and physical comedy. 3.5
Welcome to Marwen 2018 Comedy, Drama A really interesting take on mental illness as Steve Carrell deals with being the victim of a hate crime by creating a fantasy world of action figures and dolls. The effects to turn actors into the dolls are fantastic. 3.5
Young Guns II: Blaze of Glory 1990 Action, Western While it's fun to see Estevez reprise his role as Billy the Kid, the rest of the returning cast are just making up numbers while the newcomers don't really stand out and the story is far weaker than the original. 2.5
The Terminator 1984 Action Some of the effects may be dated but that doesn't stop this being the most gripping, relentless Sci-Fi film of all time, with a fantastic story and a performance from Arnie in the iconic title role that shows more acting skill than he gets credit for. 5
What We Do In The Shadows 2013 Comedy, Horror Witty, inventive, gory and sometimes downright absurd, this is without doubt the greatest vampire mockumentary of all time. It may also be the only one, but that doesn't stop it being great entertainment. 3.5
The Disappearance of Alice Creed 2009 Crime, Thriller A well-acted low budget British kidnapping thriller with decent performances from its small cast and plenty of twists to keep you guessing until the end. 3.5
Apollo 13 1995 Drama, Thriller The fabulous acting, special effects and great attention to detail all play their part, but it is to the director's credit that this story is tense and gripping throughout despite you knowing exactly how it is going to turn out. 4
Zoo 2017 Drama, Family Funny, touching and well acted by the mostly young cast, this is a perfectly enjoyable if unremarkable family film with the added interest of being based on a true story. 3
The African Queen 1951 Adventure, Comedy, Romance A wonderful classic, packed with thrills and humour that still work almost 70 years on, with fantastic performances from Bogart and especially Hepburn, whose role as a feisty and resourceful female character is especially noteworthy. 4.5
True Story 2015 Drama Proof that truth isn't always stranger than fiction, as a potentially interesting crime story turns out to be rather dull, despite Hill and Franco both performing fairly well in serious roles. 2.5
Young Guns 1988 Action, Western It's garnished with plenty of 80s cheese as you'd expect from a film with this cast, but has stood up fairly well with ample thrills and some good humour too, while the story is surprisingly faithful to the true events surrounding Billy The Kid. 3.5
The Karate Kid 1984 Action, Drama, Sport Morita is fantastic as Mr Miyagi, Macchio's character has more depth and likeability than your average 80s movie teenager, and overall the film is really enjoyable until the final scene which ends so abruptly it feels like the producers ran out of cash! 3.5
Blade Runner: The Final Cut 1982 Thriller Visually and sonically stunning with top quality acting across the board, but the story is really quite dull until the admittedly brilliant last half hour. Undoubtedly a classic and a top ten film in many eyes, but not mine. 3.5
Rex 2017 Action, Drama It contains the usual tear-jerking moments that you'd expect from any film featuring dogs, but there's also plenty of grit in this real-life story that celebrates the amazing bond between a dog and its master. 3.5
Millions 2004 Comedy, Drama An entertaining mix of whimsical fantasy and a study of our attitude to money. The child actors are great but it would've worked better with less of a spiritual/religious influence. 3.5
Heavy Metal 1981 Animation, Fantasy, SciFi This animated anthology of fantasy sci fi stories suffers from some terrible animation (even for 1981) and even worse writing. If you want some mild cartoon titivation there are better examples from the time. 2
Yardie 2018 Crime, Drama Whilst it adds nothing to the genre, Yardie is a well made gangster tale that introduces us to the Jamaican underworld that is not often seen in film. It also sets up well for a sequel that we will probably never see. 3.5
Happy Death Day 2U 2019 Comedy, Horror, Mystery With its riff on Back to the Future 2 and Groundhog day it is relatively good fun, but unfortunately for a horror film (and just like its predecessor) it is very light on horror and far too heavy on the slapstick. 3
The Wrestler 2008 Drama, Sport By stripping back all of his gimmicks, Aronofsky has delivered a heartfelt tale of a broken man and his best film to date. Rourke and Tomei are superb as they drive home the parallels in the lives of a has-been wrestler and an ageing stripper. 4
Skin 2018 Drama, Short Oscar winning short film about a black man's family taking innovative revenge against a racist thug. It was well made and interesting, but 20 minutes wasn't enough to flesh out the story in a satisfying way. 3
Noah 2014 Action, Adventure, Drama Beyond the LOTR/Shadow of the Colossus rock monsters and battle scenes, the film gives an interesting twist on the traditional bible story. Though it still feels an odd and slightly uninventive film for Aronofsky to make. 3
Pi 1998 Drama, Mystery A number theorist struggles to balance the order of numbers and chaos of life in a high contrast, maths based thriller. The math concepts are understandable and the characters believable, so I am always surprised when the film gets a 'Sci-Fi' tag. 4
The Fountain 2006 Drama, SciFi This emotional and spiritual quest to cure death has high metaphysical ambitions but is too slow and sombre to truly realise them. Told across three timelines in feudal Spain, modern day and a timeless future, this is a film that should have been a book. 2.5
Requiem For A Dream 2000 Drama Darren Aronofsky's breakout film shows many of the hallmarks that will follow into his future films (including a wonderful Clint Mansell score). It is a simple and cautionary tale about addiction told imaginatively through 4 Coney Island lives. 3.5
Paddleton 2019 Comedy, Drama A tender tale of platonic love, friendship and death. Mark Duplass and Ray Romano play their parts perfectly in a gentle film that will touch your soul. 3.5
Overlord 2018 Action, Horror, War World War II themed horror that looked and felt like it belonged in the Resident Evil universe. Occasionally gory, occasionally amusing and generally (though not universally) entertaining. 3
Black Swan 2010 Drama, Thriller Aronofsky might be a polarising director, but I love his work and Black Swan is right up there with the best. Portman and Kunis are great in this ballet themed physiological thriller. 4
Fighting With My Family 2019 Biopic, Comedy, Sport It is easy to see that the 'true' story of the youngest ever WWE Divas champion has been drastically shortened and Hollywoodyfied, but it has enough heart and laughs to win over wrestling fans and haters alike. 3.5
Vox Lux 2018 Drama, Music An odd tale of the toll that that fame can take. A strange voiceover makes it feel like a comedy, but an early tragedy soon sets you straight. I wasn't completely convinced by Natalie Portman as a weary music star but was intrigued nonetheless. 3
Alita: Battle Angel 2019 Action, Adventure, SciFi Alita is one of the most cliched and generic SciFi stories you will see, but if you can get past the uncanny valley CGI faces then there is fun to be had as a new franchise is born. 3
Bumblebee 2018 Action, Adventure, SciFi In creating an origin story for Transformers 2nd most loved character, Travis Knight has built a film that tries so hard to be an 80's film that it could only really appeal to me at the age I was in the 80s. Another missed opportunity. 2.5
Brief Encounter 1945 Drama, Romance Almost 75 years old and still the most perfect examination of unintended infidelity. Dealing with the conflict of guilt and desire without ever preaching. A true classic of British cinema. 5
High Flying Bird 2019 Drama, Sport Billed as the basketball equivalent of Moneyball, the film was actually a complete mess. It tried to sell a number of messages but fell flat on all fronts. 2
Aquaman 2018 Action, Adventure, Fantasy Entertaining and exciting in places, but suffers from the usual DCU disease of being far too long for no real reason. I also found some of the casting odd and the effects poor (it often looked more like a video game than a film). 3
Free Solo 2018 Documentary, Sport Whilst the actual climbing (without any rope or harness or other safety measures) is totally exhilarating, the documentary was actually pretty dull. 3
Detainment 2018 Documentary, Drama, Short Based on actual police transcripts, it allows us to see the Jamie Bulger killers as the 10 year old kids they were rather than the monsters we expect. The production a little exploitative with atmospheric shots of Liverpool and overdone mood music. 3
Shoplifters 2018 Drama, Foreign Language The kind of film only the Japanese make. A strong nurture over nature theme runs through as a family of petty criminals take in a young child who is left alone and neglected by her parents. 4
Capernaum 2018 Drama, Foreign Language Stunning Lebanese film about a 12 year old slum boy in Beirut who sues his parents from bringing him into such an uncaring and unforgiving world. The child lead is wonderful and I don't think I have ever felt the despair of a character so strongly. 4.5
Border 2018 Drama, Fantasy, Foreign Language A security guard with a strange gift meets a similar man, causing her to reevaluate her life and the world. It all goes very dark and a bit supernatural as the film goes on, but it was quite mesmerising all the same. 4
They Shall Not Grow Old 2018 Documentary, War Incredibly honest and personal accounts of the Great War, despite the heavy handed colourisation and some jarring moments of Hollywood production. 3.5
Stan & Ollie 2018 Biopic, Comedy, Drama Telling the story of how the magic ended, this is in many places this is an incredibly sad film, but Coogan and Reilly capture the characters so well that their beautiful friendship and fantastic comedy shines through. 4
McQueen 2018 Biopic, Documentary A fascinating insight into the life of (Lee) Alexander McQueen. Far from just a London yob making haute couture, the youngest ever Fashion Director at Givenchy's productions probably told us everything we needed to know about his demons. 4
Mirai 2018 Adventure, Animation, Drama A charming, but slight (and slightly dull) tale of family from the eyes of a 5 year old child. Cannot stand up to other contemporary anime blockbusters like Your Name. 3