The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

You can search and sort the list by individual film names, genre, reviewer, score and other variables to inform you on whether a film is worth your time, or to inspire you for your next movie night.

We will also use the database to create periodic lists of the recommended films in all sorts of categories. These lists will be shared on the website and some will even come with a video.

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Battle of the Sexes 2017 Biopic, Drama, Sport This chauvinist vs feminist tennis showdown overplays and under-explores most of the films real themes and even makes the tennis scenes look pedestrian. However the performances of Stone and Carell pull it through to a satisfying conclusion. 3
1 Buck 2017 Crime, Drama, Thriller A decidedly average indie thriller whose gimmick of a one doller bill that is passed between all of the main characters, feels superfluous and tacked on. 2
The Killing of a Sacred Deer 2017 Drama, Mystery A disappointingly linear film that charts the impact of an unthinkable dilemma. The film takes an age to reveal its single plot point and then does nothing with it. Far too safe from the director of The Lobster. 2
Fracture 2007 Crime, Mystery, Thriller Anthony Hopkins is perfectly cast as the well to do man who confesses to killing his wife, but then toys with the cocky Deputy DA (Ryan Gosling). 3.5
Payback 1999 Action, Crime Mel Gibson at his 90s best as a criminal looking for revenge on the mobster that double crossed him. Think Lethal Weapon but from the criminal perspective. 3.5
Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2017 Action, Adventure, SciFi Click for our Podcast review. 3.5
The Snowman 2017 Crime, Drama, Thriller Murder in the wilds of a Norwegian winter. Intriguing atmosphere and stunning locations, but the pedestrian plot means that we unfortunately may not see any more of Inspector Harry Hole. 2.5
Right at Your Door 2006 Drama, Thriller When dirty bombs go off in LA a man seals off his house only to find his wife trapped on the outside. A superbly played out film that raises all the right questions about what YOU would do in those circumstances. 4
Kicks 2016 Crime, Drama When a young poor kid has his beloved Air Jordans stolen, a violent chain of events plays out. Bleak and compelling in places, but it felt like the director was originally making a kids film but decided to add adult themes at the last minute. 3
Beach Rats 2017 Drama Young stoner battles with his sexuality in a Brooklyn suburb. Slow pacing and shaky-cam direction detracted from some good performances. 3
Wonder 2017 Drama, Family Predictably saccharine tale of boy with disfigured face triumphing against bullies and life in general. The film has a big cast, but small ambition. 2.5
Timecrimes 2007 Foreign Language, Mystery, SciFi A head-scratcher of a time-travel movie that becomes better and better along the way as you work out more and more of its tangled plot. 4
Brick 2005 Crime, Drama, Noir Click here for our Film Club review. 3
Duel 1971 Action, Thriller Click here for our Film Club review. 4
American Made 2017 Biopic, Comedy, Drama Cruise suits the slightly comic persona well, but this biopic of a drug runner falls foul of glamourising the criminality it is chronicling. 3
Yogi Bear 2010 Animation, Comedy The plot is paper thin and the characters one dimensional, but the humour is suprisingly grown-up at times and Aykroyd and Timberlake are excellent as the voices of Yogi and Boo Boo. A pretty successful recreation of the cartoon show. 3
12 Years a Slave 2013 Biopic, Drama Superbly shot and acted, it feels harsh to pick fault with a film like this, but the story is rather uneventful except for the first and last 15 minutes, which doesn?t make for particularly engaging viewing. 3.5
The Last Stand 2013 Action, Comedy A decent return to full-time acting for Arnie in an undemanding but enjoyable action film. It has all the explosions, gun fights and car chases you could ask for and a decent cast of character actors supporting the big man. 3.5
The Last Boy Scout 1991 Action, Comedy, Thriller Time has not been kind to this movie, with gritty and violent action sequences totally at odds with attempts to inject comedy. The dialogue is little more than a stream of cliched one-liners and everyone involved should frankly be embarrassed. 2
Red Dog 2011 Biopic, Comedy, Drama A funny, heartwarming and inevitably heartbreaking story that centres on a four-legged friend but has some great Aussie characters around him. How much of the story is true is debatable, but that's what legends are about. 3.5
Man on Fire 2004 Action, Thriller A film of two halves, as a heartwarming redemption story becomes a violent revenge thriller, but both are compelling thanks to Denzel's multi-facted performance. The only real problem is it's way too long for a film of this type. 3.5
The Caller 2011 Mystery, Thriller The time-twisting plot is quite clever and creates some interesting scenarios for the protagonist to deal with, but none of the characters are particularly strong and the film rather fizzles out before the pointless twist ending. 2.5
Thinner 1996 Horror A pretty faithful adaptation of one of my favourite Stephen King novels, but it is ruined by hammy over-acting from virtually everyone involved and a lack of any likeable characters. It would've benefitted from a more ruthless editor. 2
Clerks II 2006 Comedy Tries to recreate the irreverent, conversation-led comedy of the original but many scenes are ruined by excessive crudeness and gross-out 'humour'. There are still some good moments but overall it's a disappointing sequel. 3
Unthinkable 2010 Thriller Gripping, yet hard to watch due to the torture scenes, this thriller features brilliant performances from Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Sheen and may prompt interesting discussions about where your moral compass points. 3.5