The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

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Tully 2018 Drama I was interested in the tale of a mother who's boring life is upended by hiring a new night-nanny right up until the telegraphed 'twist'. 3
Billionaire Boys Club 2018 Biopic, Drama This true-ish story of a get rich quick scheme turning deadly is let down by a poor script and ham-fisted direction. 2.5
The Con is On 2018 Comedy Also known as The Brits are Coming, the predicatable crime comedy destroys a great cast with one of the worst scripts I have seen. 1.5
First Reformed 2017 Drama, Thriller The despair of a parish priest told in an intelligent and thought provoking way as h tries to council a couple away from radicalisation. 4
Dark River 2017 Drama A bleak look at life in on a Yorkshire farm as a young woman returns to claim her rights on a farm she walked away from due to her abusive father. 4
The Selfish Giant 2013 Drama A stunning contemporary retelling of a classic fable as a young boy tries to support his family by working for a dodgy scrap merchant. 5
Red State 2011 Crime, Horror Kevin Smith brings us fundamentalism in middle America in this interested and exciting thriller. Only the end stops it being a full on cult classic. 3.5
Disco Pigs 2001 Drama, Romance It takes two thrids of the film to warm to the lead character, but when you do t becomes a heartbreaking take of a friendship that foresakes all others. 3.5
The Endless 2017 Horror, SciFi A thrilling mindbender about brothers who escaoed a death cut as kids. They return to the camp looking for answers but find a lot more than they barained for. 4
A Bad Idea Gone Wrong 2017 Comedy, Crime This single-location film offers comedy and drama but doesn’t really deliver heavily enough on either. The characters are reasonably likeable but overall the film isn't quite as good as the premise suggested it could have been. 3
A Christmas Horror Story 2015 Horror This anthology is a bit of a mixed bag, with a  couple of the stories being quite creepy while others are rather lame. The twist was quite unexpected though and the William Shatner scenes offer some humour, intentional or otherwise. 2.5
Christmas in the Clouds 2001 Comedy The Native American aspect of the story is barely touched upon, but this is a good-natured comedy that relies mainly on mistaken identity situations for the humour with some entertaining characters. 3
Dinosaur 2000 Adventure, Animation The 18 year old CGI obviously looks a bit dated now but the characters are still decent, while story is unexpectedly gritty and even a little scary for a Disney production. 3
Zombillenium 2017 Animation, Thriller Marketed as family friendly, this French film is actually quite dark with horror-inspired themes and some gorgeous cel-shaded animation. It's also packed with pop culture satire and is only let down a little by the voice acting in the English translation. 3.5
Backtrack 2015 Mystery, Thriller Nicely shot and well acted by Adrien Brody, but this supernatural mystery thriller never really gets going and the twist is almost impossible to predict, making it hard to get invested in. 2.5
Snow Buddies 2008 Adventure, Family A horrible family adventure film where the canine actors are significantly better than their human counterparts, but are ruined by giving them terrible kids voices. At least the scenery was nice! 1.5
Stephanie 2017 Horror, Thriller Young Shree Crooks does a fantastic job on her own in the harrowing first half hour, but when the other actors come in the story twists and turns and some of the momentum is lost. Still a good film but it probably would have worked better as a short. 3.5
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004 Comedy Ferrell and friends are at their comedic best in a gloriously dumb and thoroughly entertaining film that parodies 70s culture and attitudes brilliantly. 3.5
Real Steel 2011 Drama, SciFi, Sport Story-wise this is a film that should've been made 25 years earlier with Stallone in the lead role, but the 21st century special effects and Hugh Jackman probably make it better than it would've been back then. 3
The Goonies 1985 Action, Adventure Take away the nostalgia and a couple of admittedly brilliant action sequences and you're left with a fairly generic 80s adventure movie with pretty bad acting across the board, with the exception of Josh Brolin. 3
Snowmen 2010 Comedy, Drama A schizophrenic film that can’t decide if it's a fun family comedy or a serious drama. There are occasionally good moments from both but the whole thing doesn't really work as a cohesive story. 2.5
The Christmas Dragon 2014 Fantasy The attempt to do a Christmas film in a medieval fantasy setting is laudible, but it is let down by a lack of special effects budget and acting talent, while the dragon is barely involved! 2
Office Christmas Party 2016 Comedy A generally dreadful sequence of comedy sketches linked by the flimsiest of plots, with only around 10% of them actually being funny. The big name stars involved with this deserve better. 1.5
Creed II 2018 Drama, Sport The plot borrows liberally from several Rocky sequels but it still has the expected mix of action and drama and is perfectly entertaining. However, it now feels like there's nowhere else for this spin-off franchise to go. 3
Beyond Suspicion 2018 Action, Crime A predictable, by-the-numbers crime thriller that feels like it was made about 25 years too late and demonstrates that Karl Urban isn’t really leading man material. 2
Catch Me If You Can 2002 Comedy, Crime Perhaps not one of Spielberg’s more notable movies, but the lack of expectation helps make this gripping chase story all the more impressive. DiCaprio is fantastic and Hanks plays his part well, but it's the unbelievable true story that makes the film. 4
The Wave 2015 Drama, Thriller Some fantastic Norwegian scenery is destroyed in impressive fashion in this dramatic disaster movie, which works well by focusing the story on one family and features decent production values considering the budget. 3.5
Daddy's Home 2 2017 Comedy Entirely predictable and occasionally cringeworthy, this sequel offers more of the same but the addition of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow does make for some funny moments and the festive theme makes it slightly more forgivable. 2.5
Chasing Christmas 2005 Comedy This twist on the typical Scrooge tale is original enough to have deserved a better movie to be made from it, but despite the mediocre production values and acting talent, there's still enough to place it above many similar Christmas movies. 2.5
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 2018 Fantasy, Thriller Redmayne is excellent again and there are plenty of crowd-pleasing moments, but the story is pretty depressing and the film is bogged down by having to introduce characters and set up story threads for the sequels that will follow. 3
12 Dog Days Till Christmas 2014 Drama, Family The concept is fairly original and refreshingly lacks the schmaltz of most Christmas movies, but the whole thing is ruined by some absolutely atrocious acting. Even the cute dogs can't save it! 2
Becoming Santa 2015 Comedy, Fantasy A thinly-veiled rip off of Meet the Parents with some generally dreadful acting, gargantuan plot holes and some of the worst snow effects in movie history. 1.5
Elf 2003 Comedy, Fantasy Will Ferrell blends his trademark hyperactive enthusiasm with a childlike innocence that works perfectly in this heart-warming tale that is up there with the very best Christmas classics. 4
Better Watch Out 2016 Horror, Thriller An unexpectedly smart Christmas horror film packed with dark humour, impressive acting from the young cast and some genuine shocks in the storyline. A welcome surprise from a genre overloaded with duds. 3.5
Christmas Eve 2015 Comedy, Drama The concept of several groups of strangers stuck in elevators is decent and some of the scenarios work well, but several story threads are not fully resolved and Patrick Stewart is disappointingly under-used. Marginally better than average. 3
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) 2010 Horror Jackie Earle Haley makes Freddy more menacing than his 80s incarnation and the story makes some effort to explain his back story, but ultimately it relies too much on paying tribute to the original to have any great value. 2.5
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 2012 Adventure, Comedy Vibrant visuals, a reliably engaging Dwayne Johnson and some funnier than expected lines make for an enjoyable family adventure film that has very little resemblance to the book that influenced it. 3
The Conjuring 2013 Horror Creepy and well shot without relying on cheap jump scares, this harrowing film would've benefitted from a shorter running time but otherwise hits the mark in most respects and is an effective beginning for a new franchise. 3.5
Halloween (2018) 2018 Horror At some times this reboot captures to mood of the original quite well, while at others it is exactly what you'd expect from a tiresome modern horror film. A reasonable if unnecessary end to the story whose highlight is a superb new Carpenter score. 3.5
The Dark Knight 2008 Action, Thriller The antithesis of a typical superhero movie, Nolan's film is a dark, gritty crime thriller with some brilliant action setpieces and fabulous performances from most of the cast. Only Bale's hilariously gruff Batman voice takes the shine off a little. 4
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 Action, Drama, Horror Surprisingly the period drama elements provide more enjoyment than the zombies, though without them the film would be far less humorous and action-packed. A bizarre concept that could have been awful but is actually really fun. 3.5
The Heist 2009 Comedy, Crime It's almost entirely predictable and far less serious than the poster suggests, but this lighthearted comedy is still watchable thanks to the quirky performances of the three leads, with Walken in particular in fine form. 3
Deep Star Six 1989 Horror, SciFi An underwater monster movie where you barely get to see the monster and when you do it's unintentionally comical. The real highlight of the film is a delightfully grumpy performance by Miguel Ferrer, but that doesn't really make it worth watching. 2
Missing 411 2016 Documentary Sets up an interesting mystery with stories of several unsolved disappearances, but ultimately offers no tangible connection between them or even a theoretical explanation of why they occurred. 2.5
Early Man 2018 Animation, Comedy The stop-motion animation is as charming as ever and there are some comical scenes, but the story is not really up to the standard of earlier Aardman offerings and the film is unlikely to appeal to anybody outside Britain. 3
Brave 2012 Animation, Fantasy The animation and design are great as always, but with the abundance of human characters and several musical numbers, this feels more like a Disney film than a Pixar one. Perfectly watchable but lacks the innovation that you'd expect from the company. 2.5
Ouija 2014 Horror After a shocking and effective opening, this soon degenerates into a predictable jump scare driven modern horror with a collection of mostly dumb, unlikeable characters whose fate you could care less about. 2
The Last Starfighter 1984 Adventure, SciFi The story is obviously influenced by Star Wars and some of the supporting actors are very hammy, but the early CGI effects have aged quite well and Lance Guest is an engaging lead who offers some unexpected moments of physical comedy in the hero role. 3
The House 2017 Comedy The plot is wafer-thin and predictable, many scenes are as cringeworthy as they are absurd, but there's no denying it's still a funny film at times. Even so, it could've been much better given the cast and crew involved. 2.5
30 Minutes or Less 2011 Comedy, Crime The presence of Danny McBride ruins many scenes but when the story focuses on the two 'heroes' there is some witty dialogue and decent chemistry. Overall it's pretty derivative but the bank job and getaway scenes alone make this worth watching. 3