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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) 2010 Horror Jackie Earle Haley makes Freddy more menacing than his 80s incarnation and the story makes some effort to explain his back story, but ultimately it relies too much on paying tribute to the original to have any great value. 2.5
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 2012 Adventure, Comedy Vibrant visuals, a reliably engaging Dwayne Johnson and some funnier than expected lines make for an enjoyable family adventure film that has very little resemblance to the book that influenced it. 3
The Conjuring 2013 Horror Creepy and well shot without relying on cheap jump scares, this harrowing film would've benefitted from a shorter running time but otherwise hits the mark in most respects and is an effective beginning for a new franchise. 3.5
Halloween (2018) 2018 Horror At some times this reboot captures to mood of the original quite well, while at others it is exactly what you'd expect from a tiresome modern horror film. A reasonable if unnecessary end to the story whose highlight is a superb new Carpenter score. 3.5
The Dark Knight 2008 Action, Thriller The antithesis of a typical superhero movie, Nolan's film is a dark, gritty crime thriller with some brilliant action setpieces and fabulous performances from most of the cast. Only Bale's hilariously gruff Batman voice takes the shine off a little. 4
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 Action, Drama, Horror Surprisingly the period drama elements provide more enjoyment than the zombies, though without them the film would be far less humorous and action-packed. A bizarre concept that could have been awful but is actually really fun. 3.5
The Heist 2009 Comedy, Crime It's almost entirely predictable and far less serious than the poster suggests, but this lighthearted comedy is still watchable thanks to the quirky performances of the three leads, with Walken in particular in fine form. 3
Deep Star Six 1989 Horror, SciFi An underwater monster movie where you barely get to see the monster and when you do it's unintentionally comical. The real highlight of the film is a delightfully grumpy performance by Miguel Ferrer, but that doesn't really make it worth watching. 2
Missing 411 2016 Documentary Sets up an interesting mystery with stories of several unsolved disappearances, but ultimately offers no tangible connection between them or even a theoretical explanation of why they occurred. 2.5
Early Man 2018 Animation, Comedy The stop-motion animation is as charming as ever and there are some comical scenes, but the story is not really up to the standard of earlier Aardman offerings and the film is unlikely to appeal to anybody outside Britain. 3
Brave 2012 Animation, Fantasy The animation and design are great as always, but with the abundance of human characters and several musical numbers, this feels more like a Disney film than a Pixar one. Perfectly watchable but lacks the innovation that you'd expect from the company. 2.5
Ouija 2014 Horror After a shocking and effective opening, this soon degenerates into a predictable jump scare driven modern horror with a collection of mostly dumb, unlikeable characters whose fate you could care less about. 2
The Last Starfighter 1984 Adventure, SciFi The story is obviously influenced by Star Wars and some of the supporting actors are very hammy, but the early CGI effects have aged quite well and Lance Guest is an engaging lead who offers some unexpected moments of physical comedy in the hero role. 3
The House 2017 Comedy The plot is wafer-thin and predictable, many scenes are as cringeworthy as they are absurd, but there's no denying it's still a funny film at times. Even so, it could've been much better given the cast and crew involved. 2.5
30 Minutes or Less 2011 Comedy, Crime The presence of Danny McBride ruins many scenes but when the story focuses on the two 'heroes' there is some witty dialogue and decent chemistry. Overall it's pretty derivative but the bank job and getaway scenes alone make this worth watching. 3
The Thing 1982 Horror, SciFi It will always be remembered for the amazing gross-out effects, but beyond that is a clever, claustrophobic thriller that still has you wondering who is human or not even after repeated viewings. 4.5
Escape From New York 1981 Action, Thriller The pacing is uneven, but at its best this is a great action movie with a smart story and interesting characters, while Snake Plissken has endured as one of cinema's coolest anti-heroes. 4
Final Score 2018 Action, Thriller A mostly derivative action movie that takes liberal influence from Die Hard, but the football stadium setting is fairly original, Dave Bautista is engaging enough as the lead and there are a couple of reasonable supporting characters too. 3
Superman III 1983 Action, Comedy Christopher Reeve does his best as Superman but is virtually relegated to a supporting role by the focus on Richard Pryor, slapstick comedy and some bewildering story threads. A complete mess of a film. 2
Starman 1984 Drama, Romance, SciFi A real anomaly in John Carpenter's 80s output, and it's clear he had minimal creative input. The film is humorous and touching despite being a bit soppy at times, thanks to a superbly nuanced performance from Jeff Bridges in the lead role. 3
The Voices 2014 Comedy, Horror Ryan Reynolds is in his element as a mentally-unhinged man being influenced by the voices of his cat and dog, but the comedic moments don’t hang together well with the serious subject of mental health issues. The result is rather uncomfortable viewing. 2.5
Ravenous 1999 Thriller A grim, disturbing thriller with a vein of black comedy, a chilling performance by Robert Carlyle and a bizarre score that is almost as unhinged as Carlyle's character. Drags a bit during the final act but still worth watching. 3
Unbreakable 2000 Drama, Thriller I'm not a fan of the director's penchant for weird camera angles, but the story is clever and develops well during the film and both Willis and Jackson are excellent in their roles as unlikely hero and villain. 3.5
Ghosts of Mars 2001 Action, SciFi An admittedly limited B-list cast manages to deliver sub-standard performances across the board in a thinly-disguised rehash of Assault on Precinct 13 that had 280 times the budget but none of the class of the original. 1.5
The Last Sharknado: It's About Time 2018 Comedy, SciFi The ludicrous series is rounded off with a half-decent finale that has better effects than its predecessors, lots of amusing cameos and a fun story influenced by far bigger and better movies. 2.5
My Blind Brother 2016 Comedy Fairly light on story and rather predictable, but an enjoyable enough comedy and interesting to see three 'Parks and Recreation' cast members in very different roles. 3
BlackKKlansman 2018 Comedy, Drama, Thriller As funny as it is powerful, as thrilling as it is harrowing, Spike Lee's film delivers an incredibly strong message in the most entertaining way possible, with an ending that is both shocking and necessary. A film the whole world should see. 5
Cell 2016 Horror, Thriller After the promising, chaotically violent start, this becomes an entirely predictable post-apocalyptic zombie road movie that offers nothing new. I struggled to stay awake for the second half! 2.5
Red Eye 2005 Thriller Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy are well cast as the feisty heroine and unnerving villain in an enjoyable if entirely predictable thriller that is at its best in the confined environment of the plane where most of the film takes place. 3.5
Stand By Me 1986 Adventure, Comedy, Drama A brilliant coming-of-age film that works as both comedy and drama thanks to brilliant performances from the young cast and a carefree spirit that will remind you of simpler times. Forget Shawshank, this is the best of all Stephen King adaptations. 4.5
Hancock 2008 Action, Comedy, Thriller The idea is brilliant and Will Smith is very entertaining as the unwitting 'hero' but after a promising start the story loses its way and by the end it's just another superhero movie. 3
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives! 1986 Horror Nobody was taking the series seriously by now, so the writer-director wisely added some subtle humour to this film. The characters are more likeable than usual and the action is pretty good too. Probably the best sixth instalment of any horror franchise! 3.5
The Lost Boys 1987 Horror, Thriller Another 80s classic that is starting to show its age, with some terrible acting and dated effects in places. But there are still some great moments, memorable lines and it offers an interesting twist on the typical vampire lore. 3
Candyman 1992 Horror The premise and villain are good in theory, but the slow pace, heavy handed direction and overbearing score outweigh any positive aspects. If you remember this being a good film then keep it that way by never watching it again. 2
Rocky Balboa 2006 Drama, Sport Little more than an over-sentimental rehash of the original, but this final chapter in Rocky's in-ring story is delivered so well that any flaws can be overlooked, while Stallone recaptures everything that made us love the character in the first place. 4.5
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 2012 Adventure, Fantasy The sheer joy of returning to Middle Earth is tempered by Jackson's bloated adaptation, but the key characters are well acted, the scenery is amazing and the scenes with Bilbo and Gollum are brilliant. A great start to an admittedly unnecessary trilogy. 3.5
Crimson Peak 2015 Drama, Horror The acting and production design are top notch, but sadly the story doesn't match them, with too much melodrama, predictable plot twists and supernatural elements that are largely inconsequential. 2.5
Unsane 2018 Thriller Will be remembered as the film shot on an iPhone, but deserves much more. A scenario that doesn't seem impossible played out in a plausible and scary way. 4
My Friend Dahmer 2017 Biopic, Drama Bills itself as a look at how a serial killer learnt his trade, but is in fact a pretty dull tale of a school misfit with zero insight or entertainment. 2
Blockers 2018 Comedy An awful comedy of loose morals and poor jokes. If the best gag you can come up with for a film is a beer enema, then I think you should really give up. 2
Isle of Dogs 2018 Adventure, Animation, Comedy A wonderful oddball film that comes so close to greatness, only to run out of steam half an hour too soon. Wes Anderson shows no signs of running out of steam and can now add 'acclaimed animation director' to his resume. 4
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 1991 Adventure, Comedy Bogus journey is no failure, but it is half the film of its predecessor. Had it not been for the brilliant William Sadler as Death, B&T would never have remained the franchise it is today. 3.5
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989 Adventure, Comedy A film about two dim witted bozos has no right to be so clever. Captures the 80s spirit with a warmth that has long since been replaced by vulgarity in more modern comedy. A bona fide comedy classic. 5
Cargo 2017 Drama, Thriller Following a similar vein to Maggie, Arnie's zombie film with hardly any zombies, Cargo is another clever attempt at breathing new life into a genre. An excellent distraction from the norm. 4
Twister 1996 Thriller The story simply plays out the same scene over and over again with more intensity each time and many of the characters are terrible, but the effects still look pretty good and it's always fun to watch the destructive power of nature in action. 3
The Lookout 2007 Drama, Thriller Not the action-packed heist thriller you might expect, but probably the better for it, this is a compelling and slightly tragic drama with a nuanced performance by Joseph Gordon Levitt in the lead role and an excellent finale. 3.5
The Imitation Game 2014 Biopic, Drama Aims to serve as biopic and tense wartime drama and succeeds at both, with Cumberbatch superb as the brilliant yet infuriating Turing and the story drifting between time periods without losing momentum. A gripping, triumphant but ultimately tragic story. 4
F/X - Murder By Illusion 1986 Action, Thriller A typical 80s thriller and it hasn't aged particularly well, but there are a few enjoyable moments and it doesn't take itself too seriously. 3
Scream 1996 Horror, Mystery Wes Craven does for slasher movies what Tarantino did for crime thrillers, with self-referential humour and pop culture references introduced without easing on the shocks and violence. A brilliant reinvention of a genre few cared about at the time. 4.5
Solo: A Star Wars Story 2018 Action, Adventure, SciFi Click to see our detailed review. 4