The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

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Love Simon 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance As an attempt to make a gay John Hughes film it fails hard, but as a trite but warm teen romance it just about hits enough highs to rise above the caricature it starts off as. 2.5
Scott and Sid 2018 Comedy, Drama Apparently based on the film makers own experiences, the film is a wholly unbelievable tale of misfits and their unlikely successes. 2
Farenheit 451 2018 Drama, SciFi, Thriller Despite a good cast this throughly disappointing remake of the 60s cult classic sees Michael B Jordan rebel against the system and his job as a book-burner. 2
Gringo 2018 Action, Comedy, Crime This lame revenge comedy is unlikely to put David Oyelewo on the map as a comedy actor. Pedestrian plot and few laughs along the way as a down-trodden fall guy tries to get his own back on scheming bosses. 2
Rampage 2018 Action, SciFi, Thriller Far from the worst movie based on a video game, but it takes itself way too seriously for the first half, the effects are sometimes poor and even when the monsters and destruction take over it lacks the wow factor you'd expect from a disaster movie. 2.5
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 2015 Action, Thriller A by-the-numbers spy thriller that fails to build on Ghost Protocol despite Cruise being less miserable. Rebecca Ferguson only seems to have been brought in to dress in a variety of provocative outfits, and adds virtually nothing to the franchise. 3
Hostage 2005 Crime, Thriller A reasonable if predictable story with a decent performance from Willis, but it is nearly ruined by overly stylised direction and a musical score that doesn?t fit with the film at all. 2.5
Avengers: Infinity War 2018 Action, SciFi, Thriller The dizzying array of heroes get meaningful screen time and the humour is restrained compared to recent Marvel outings, but the real positive is Thanos, a great villain with depth and purpose, rather than the throwaway baddies of most superhero movies. 4
The Cottage 2008 Comedy, Horror Played more for laughs than scares, this typically British offering is hard to take seriously and seems more like an extended sitcom episode than a film. It's still entertaining in its way though. 2.5
Shimmer Lake 2017 Crime, Mystery The comic elements don?t quite fit with the story but are toned down when it matters. The story being told in reverse is a clever idea and the final twist was a genuine surprise, while the acting is generally good. 3
The Ritual 2017 Comedy, Horror, Thriller Adds little to the 'something in the woods' horror genre, but a fine cast and some very British dialogue make it an enjoyable experience. 3.5
Black Christmas 2006 Horror This slasher film starts off being unexpectedly amusing, but soon degenerates into run-of-the-mill horror with an over-complicated story and awful acting. 2
You Were Never Really Here 2017 Drama, Thriller Joaquin Phoenix is as good as usual but the film's haphazard style had me on edge far more than the unconvincing plot. 3
I Kill Giants 2017 Drama, Fantasy Another film that I couldn't work out who it was aimed at. It seems like a kids film but I can imagine anyone under the age of 12 being bored rigid. Over-sentimental and under-entertaining. 2
Deep Blue Sea 2 2018 Action, Horror Dumbs down everything that made the first movie good. Choosing to make the protagonists (sharks) smaller rather than bigger doesn't really work and the acting is hilariously bad in places. There is a little fun to be had, but it is no cult hit. 2
Blade 1998 Action, Horror It hasn’t aged well in some respects, but the fight scenes are still exciting and the character is a good fit for Wesley Snipes' limited acting talent. Enjoyable, but mostly for nostalgic reasons. 3
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 1993 Action, Animation, Drama The animation style and story border on Film Noir, making this one of the most mature superhero cartoons. The voice performance of Mark Hamill as The Joker is particularly noteworthy, but the numerous flashbacks make the story hard to follow at times. 3.5
Thor: The Dark World 2013 Action, Fantasy, SciFi There are a few good moments, mainly the performances of Hemsworth and Hiddlestone, and plenty of action, but it's largely forgettable, the villain is dull and the much of the comedy falls flat. Overall one of the worst MCU movies to date. 2.5
The Craft 1996 Thriller Crossing high school drama with the supernatural was a fun concept at the time, but 20 years on it is rather cringeworthy, with some awful acting and unintentionally comical special effects. 2
Cars 3 2017 Animation While the animation is decent as usual, the story is just a mish-mash of several Rocky movies and while the kids will love it, this is probably the most pointless Pixar offering to date. 2.5
Superman Returns 2006 Action, Adventure The story is weak and the film overlong, but Routh and Spacey do a reasonable job of channelling Reeve and Hackman, and the lighthearted spirit of the earlier films is retained. Really not as bad as everyone thinks it is! 3
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966 Action, Western Everyone remembers Eastwood and Van Cleef, but Eli Wallach as the Ugly and Ennio Morricone's score are the real stars. Amazing scenery, great humour and tense action create one of the best western epics ever made. 5
Ready Player One 2018 Action, Adventure, SciFi A rather childish interpretation of the nostalgia-soaked book appears to be aimed at people too young to get the references and comes off a little dumbed down. I'd have loved it 20 years ago however! 3
Death Wish 2018 Action, Crime, Drama This film about a mild-mannered man turned vigilante hinges on wether you can accept Bruce Willis as mild-mannered. Less grit than the original but still sufficiently fun. 2.5
The Commuter 2018 Action, Crime, Drama Liam Neeson returns with another action film, this time on a train, but at least he is now acting his age as a former cop turned insurance salesman. Nothing new, but nothing bad either. 3
Pretty in Pink 1986 Comedy, Drama, Romance Another slice of John Hughes' slightly dubious teenage politics as Molly Ringwald falls for the local rich boy to a very British 80s soundtrack. 3.5
Red Sparrow 2018 Thriller A different take on the cold war spy thriller sees Jeniffer Lawrence again pushing herself not to be typecast. The twisty last half hour saves the film after a dull middle section. 3.5
This is Spinal Tap 1984 Comedy, Music Still as funny as ever as the first 'rockumentary' follows the band on their downgraded tour of America. Ridiculous, hilarious and strangely believable! 4
Game Night 2018 Comedy, Crime A real breath of fresh air for the mainstream comedy as friends gather for a regular game night only for things to go awry with violent (and hilarious) consequences. The interaction between the various couples is spot on. 3.5
Tomb Raider 2018 Action, Adventure Despite Vikander's best efforts, the film takes far too many liberties with the script that ask too much belief from the viewer without giving enough excitement in return. One can only hope (for Vikander's sake) that a sequel can put this right 2.5
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest 2011 Documentary, Music A disjointed, but honest documentary that really only suffers for the fact that much more has happened to the band since the film was released. A sequel is due. 3.5
The Square 2017 Comedy, Drama, Foreign Language The Square works as both a collection of uncomfortable arthouse scenes and a full narrative on the nature of art and expression. It takes commitment to sit down to a two and a half hour subtitled film, but you are rewarded for your time. 4
Annihilation 2018 Action, Adventure, SciFi Proof that an intelligent sci fi movie can be female led as Natalie Portman goes into the unknown where our laws of nature don't apply. 4
Hard Eight 1996 Crime, Drama Another Paul Thomas Anderson character study that is full of great performances and sharp dialogue. Philip Baker Hall is superb as the aging gambler who takes on a new protege. 4
People You May Know 2017 Drama, Romance Another attempt at an internet age parable that succeeds as much as it fails as a loner becomes a social media guinea pig with unexpected repercussions. 2.5
New Jack City 1991 Action, Crime, Drama Run of the mill 90s gangster fare with casting that feels like the roles were picket out of a hat. All of the right people are there, but almost to a man they are playing the wrong character. 2.5
Black Panther 2018 Action, Adventure, SciFi Dispenses with almost all of the Marvel tropes to deliver a tight and focussed origin story in a beautifully realised world. At last we have a superhero film dialled back down to 10. 4
2 Guns 2013 Action, Comedy, Crime Standard but entertaining buddy movie where the twists are obvious and the wisecracks lame, but that doesn't seem to matter. 3
Bad Day For The Cut 2017 Drama, Thriller Whilst the plot lingers a little too long, this tale of quiet farm life interrupted by secrets and murder percolates into a dark and violent thriller. 3.5
Two Down 2015 Comedy, Crime, Thriller 70s inspired crime drama interspersed with light hearted comedy adds up to a weak first feature from from film-makers tipped as 'stars of tomorrow' by Screen International. 2.5
Three Days of the Condor 1975 Thriller Slow 70s spy yarn that has aged much worse than its cult status suggests. Is a real slog to make it to the unsatisfactory conclusion. 2.5
Cardboard Gamgsters 2017 Crime, Drama A very low budget Irish drama that transcends its poor acting to deliver a solid look at estate life. 3.5
Acts of Vengeance 2017 Action, Drama Not sure if the script, the directing or Antonio Banderas was the worst thing about it, but wow, that was bad. 1
The Foreigner 2017 Action, Drama, Thriller It is great to see Jackie Chan in a non-comedy and non-kung fu film (though he does get a few kicks and punches in). It is odd however that the title was changed from The Chinaman when that is what he is called throughout. 3.5
In Time 2011 Action, SciFi, Thriller The concept is better than the film and there are a few incredulous set pieces, but overall In Time is a solid and entertaining waste of two hours. 3
X-Men: The Last Stand 2006 Action, Adventure It may be packed with action, but most of the subtlety and social commentary of the first two films is lost. It was also short-sighted to kill off so many major characters, given how many more films were ultimately made in this franchise. 3
License to Drive 1988 Comedy A fun teen comedy that has a few good moments, plenty of cheesy ones, and serves as a reminder of happier times for the two Coreys. 3
Firepower 1993 Action Inappropriately named given that most of the action is hand-to-hand combat, this is a run of the mill low budget action film that is notable only for the appearance of former WWF star The Ultimate Warrior as a villain. 2
Future Shock - The Story of 2000AD 2014 Documentary An interesting story about the legendary British comic and how it influenced the wider world. It goes on too long for a casual fan but if you love the comic and want to know more about the people behind it, you'll probably love it. 3
Meet Dave 2008 Comedy, SciFi Universally panned by critic but I can't see why. The story is run of the mill family-friendly stuff and some of the acting is poor, but Eddie Murphy delivers some great physical comedy and the Sci-Fi premise is great. A guilty pleasure! 3