Action Movie World Cup – Live Results

It is an age old question, What is the greatest Action Movie of all time? Many people will have many different reasons for choosing many different films, but here at MovieMuse we want to settle the debate once and for all. So over on our World Cup of Movies Facebook group we are running a head to head knockout competition that pits the 128 best action films against one another in a fight to the metaphorical death. You can find out how we came up with the 128 films here.

The films were all then fed into a bracket generating mincing machine and below you an see the full draw and also the results for any match ups that have completed. To take part in the voting make sure you join the World Cup of Movies Facebook group and don’t forget to set your notification settings to ALL so that you don’t miss any of the ties!

*If for any reason the embedded bracket does not show, please click here to launch in a new window.

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