The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

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Bombshell 2019 Biopic, Drama Bombshell is 2019s 'Spotlight' with a bit of 'The Big Short' and tells how sexual harassment ended the reign of the godfather of TV news. The inevitable Weistein scandal movie has a very high bar to reach if it wants to match this. 4
The Hunt for Red October 1990 Action, Thriller This naval thriller about a mysterious Russian submarine in American waters gets the tension and pacing just right, but some of the accents (or lack of) are terrible and Alec Baldwin as lead character Jack Ryan seems a little superfluous. 3.5
The Two Popes 2019 Biopic, Drama The fascinating story of the conservative Pope and the liberal Cardinal who will eventually succeed him as they discuss the church, their lives and their fallibilities. Pryce and Hopkins are magnificent in the lead roles. 4
The Brothers Bloom 2008 Comedy A sometimes fun globe-trotting con-caper is hamstrung by generally unlikable characters and a script that isn't as funny or clever as it thinks it is. 3
Zog 2018 Animation, Family, Short Another fine adaptation of a delightful Julia Donalson book. The story of perserverence told through a young dragon may not be up with the Gruffalo, but it isn't far off. 3.5
The Highway Rat 2017 Animation, Family, Short As with other BBC productions of Julia Donaldson books the animation is absolutely top notch. However this is possibly the weakest story about a greedy rat's redemption. 3
The International 2019 Action, Crime, Drama An interesting but convoluted and generally ridiculous thriller about a nefarious bank and the Interpol officer looking to bring it down. 3
Marriage Story 2019 Drama A touching tale of how divorce can corrupt even the most amicable of couples. Driver and Johansson are sublime and Baumbach's script and directing a joy. 4.5
Tag 2018 Action, Comedy A fun (and surprisingly true) story with a great premise that allows for some audacious physical comedy, but really succeeds because it doesn’t go down the vulgar route that most films of this type do and is in fact quite touching at the end. 3.5
A Christmas Movie Christmas 2019 Comedy, Romance The usual trappings of bad made-for-TV Christmas movies are smartly explained away by the 'movie within a movie' premise, but that doesn’t really make this any less cringeworthy despite a few amusing self-referential moments. 2
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989 Comedy Incredibly dated by modern standards, this is very much a vehicle for Chevy Chase's antics and there isn’t much of a story to go with them, and they aren’t actually that funny either. A pale shadow of the original Vacation, which remains a classic. 2.5
Back to the Future 1985 Adventure, Comedy, SciFi An 80s classic that has stood the test of time thanks to the ingenious story, subtle comedy, convincing acting performances and impressive visual effects. Quite simply one of the best films ever made. 5
Back to the Future Part II 1989 Adventure, Comedy, SciFi The plot is once again a screenwriting masterclass and the twists on scenes from the first film are very clever, as are the composite effects when we revisit the 1955 scenes. Only the darker, more violent tone makes this less effective as a family movie. 4
Back to the Future Part III 1990 Adventure, Comedy, SciFi The move to a Wild West setting and greater focus on Doc Brown gives the opportunity for new twists on the familiar scenes from the preceding chapters whilst giving the protagonists new problems to solve. A wonderful end to the greatest trilogy ever made. 4.5
Family 2018 Comedy, Drama The middle act sags somewhat and the ending is predictable, but there are some very funny moments throughout the film and it has a laudable if unevenly-delivered moral provided by two largely immoral characters. 3
Little Monsters 2019 Comedy, Horror The first half hour of this zom-com is poor and the film is almost ruined by the awful Josh Gad, but Lupita Nyong'o brings some class in a fantastic role along with an engaging group of kids and between them they save the film from being utter dross. 3
Wonder Park 2019 Adventure, Animation A run-of-the-mill family animated movie with nice visuals and a couple of slightly creepy-looking characters that makes a half-hearted effort to address the serious theme of childhood anxiety, a subject that has already been handled far better by Pixar. 2.5
Let It Snow 2019 Comedy, Romance It's basically Love Actually crossed with a typical teen party comedy, but reasonable acting and the lack of schmaltz that mars most Christmas movies help make this mildly enjoyable. 2.5
Keeping Up With the Joneses 2016 Action, Comedy Predictably plotted and at times gratuitous, but this spy comedy still has some funny moments and benefits from a cast that probably deserves better movies for the most part. 3
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 2019 Adventure, Fantasy, SciFi Click to see our detailed review. 4
Trading Places 1982 Comedy The language in this 80s comedy classic is a bit un-PC nowadays but the story is still clever and both Aykroyd and Murphy are at their best, supported brilliantly by Denholm Elliot and Paul Gleason in particular. 4
El Camino Christmas 2017 Crime, Drama The seasonal setting has little bearing on this black comedy set amidst a gas station hold-up, and while the plot is somewhat preposterous, it does have a decent ensemble cast with Tim Allen's performance being the best of the bunch. 3
Goosebumps 2 2018 Adventure, Horror Story-wise this is instantly forgettable but the visual effects that bring a town's Halloween decorations to life are really imaginative, there are some good comedic moments and even a few genuine family-friendly jump scares. 3
Bend It Like Beckham 2002 Comedy, Drama, Sport A gentle feel-good tale of mild sexual and racial tensions when an Indian girl falls out with her family over football and romance. 3.5
The Lady Vanishes 2013 Mystery, Period, Thriller A rather lacklustre retelling of a story made famous in the 30s by Alfred Hitchcock. Everyone on a train has a secret, but I found it hard to care about any of them. 2.5